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  • Polyrhythmics before Djent
  • New djent album
  • Odd time signatures make everything better!
  • Hey brahs, I believe my band Pilljaw is right up your alley! Our first album is out now for free download on bandcamp. Please give it a listen!
  • math metal :
  • Mudvayne is here because their first release, just it.
  • How did fucking NU metal shit Mudvayne get here.
  • i love how mudvayne is in top artists. great troll. [2]
  • Kalovorot band released new album in djent style:
  • A hell of a genre, good vibes from every single band
  • i love how mudvayne is in top artists. great troll.
  • math and physics rule [2] ! :3
  • Petition to rename Math Metal to "Fedoracore"
  • Hermetic Evolution returns with a new music video. Check out the band’s latest hybrid mixture of nu metal, djent and electro rock sounds.
  • math and physics rule
  • neah, i'm more towards physics metal or history metal [2]
  • I Love Chemistry Metal [2]
  • neah, i'm more towards physics metal or history metal
  • For those who question what math metal is (please, correct me if i'm wrong): Math metal is a true genre, based in a slightly repetitive, contratempo-ish music that almost never is played in 4/4
  • I love how you find Walter White here
  • I Love Chemistry Metal
  • hahah math metal hahahahahah I mean really...
  • I think identifying this you have to know quite a bit about music theory and a little math.
  • Someone please explain me , WTF is Math Metal ?
  • We introduce you to post-soviet cyber djent from Poland. Check out the new music video of Hermetic Evolution for the song „Dystopia”.
  • if you are interested in obscure technical music please join! I promise to at least visit once a week and post recommendations, but having more people join and/or be more active could lead to more discussions and recommendations from people within the group. Cheers!
  • Give them a listen.
  • god damnit fuck whoever invented this tag
  • Hawaii Music
  • thanks for quoting wikipedia smiddy,not
  • Completely unlistenable genre. Hard to believe Mudvayne compares themselves to this crap.
  • check this guy's, [artist]The Hysteria[/artist], really awesome stuff
  • LOL
  • needs more technicality with less djent
  • You do know that Meshuggah has been a band since 1989 right? Tool has only been around since 1991 so Meshuggah is obviously the older and more influential band. Even though it's a small difference it's still worth noting. Both are very influential to prog forms of music but I can name more bands influenced by Meshuggah than Tool.
  • meateatereater says it best except he forgot the most important pioneers T O O L. Meshuggah yes no denying them all they deserve but, without TOOL and definitely with out the tour with TOOL Meshuggah might not be where they are today. I said might because who really knows? But TOOL started it Danny Carey lives by it and no band can match TOOL on multi departmentalized time signatures. I love Meshuggah and all they give us and yes they were began around the same time as TOOL it just took some time for Meshuggah to get really organized and remain steady as a group which caused alot of OG Meshuggah followers to lose sight of them until the TOOL tour Resurrected them. Spiral Out and eat more meat! Glad you're out there was beginning to think I was the last logical thinking person who understood real music.
  • music the real kind is ALL math its real not the 1's and 2's c-rappers use the 0's and 1's electro-techno assholes program the 4/4's every poop rock, cuntry, r-ah and B group use these artists use mathematics in ways you were never taught and never will understand, now the metal part is a record label created word used to make you say "wowweeee daddy they play metal they're probably heavy metal like that metallic-uh" there are no more bands that are metal there are bands that are mathematically arranged and mathematically intricate real musicians, real artists that create MUSIC with extreme talent and skills beyond belief they aren't fame whores, they don't sell perfume,hell they can't sell their art because you and your cockcucking buddies steal it online but they do sell tickets because they CAN perform live with live instruments live singing no dancers no lip syncing, no dj just real people playing real music nothing metal about it except the horned fists in the air.
  • why is it called Math Metal? :)
  • Pretentious tag
  • This tag must die.
  • bl abla bla bla bla, shut the fuck up and go troll on justin beiber or really shitty music...this "genre" or "style" is awesome !!!
  • Like i said before, you're partially right about the Bach part, he uses math i didn't deny that in fact all music uses math but he wasn't the first. Also most these bands still utilize more than one chord in a song unless you're talking about only utilizing triads or something. Also you're changing your original point, you originally said what they do to that 1 chord pertains to calculus not that they benefit from calculus findings. But if you're gonna go that route Jimi Hendrix's wah wah pedal uses calculus, a Roland 808 uses calculus, synthesizers use calculus, Kurt Cobain's distortion pedal uses calculus, all amps use calculus, pretty much most equipment uses calculus in some way. Does that make it a genre? No. Everything you're talking about all artists use this across all music, so by your logic every metal band in existence should be here under this tag. But as I said before my question never was what defines math metal.
  • I understand exiile's point... i don't see too much difference between technical and math, but a litle more progressive ness on math metal than technical... that would be my definition: math = technical + progressive metal. Probably i'm fuckin' wrong, c ya.
  • Guys, check out video from Ukrainian tour (2012) - )))) Greetings from [artist]The Hysteria[/artist].
  • You got some good points there, overall I guess i just agree with smiddy's comment on the style of rhythms used. I think you are right, I suppose being very sleep deprived the last 2 weeks is making me lowering my cognitive ability immensely haha
  • I wouldn't define it because its already exists under technical metal. But lets break down his definition: His first sentence defines technical metal so its redundant. The next sentence about being "progressive to the extreme but using the same chord throughout the entire song" is a contradiction, not to mention that all the bands on this page use more than 1 chord. Also none of them are using calculus, i don't think he knows what calculus is. The next part about having an entire octave to work with is wrong because a guitar has 4 octaves and a lot of these bands use 7-8 strings so some have more octaves than that.
  • What is so wrong about his definition? How would you define it then?
  • funny thing is the Bach part is the only part that's somewhat true, even though its still partially wrong but the rest of his post is just nonsense.


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