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  • Ya sev ya terket şekli.
  • I just tried what [user]hasanziya[/user] said in google translator. Not sure it helped me much... " What happens if a man do not you write me [user]thirdsun[/user] greek. :/ I guess I do not know greek english is poor communication can not establish the British colony of allam If we wish to communicate in English or [user]thirdsun[/user] I feel very sorry kurabilseydik durumuma"
  • thirdsun bana da yunanca yazsana lan n'olur. ingilizcem zayıf iletişim kuramayacağız galiba seninle yunanca bilmiyorsan :/ allam keşke ingiliz sömürgesi olsaydık da thirdsun ile ingilizce iletişim kurabilseydik çok üzülüyorum ben durumuma :'((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  • Turkforce_cCc,, stop bothering people everywhere. Go to bed. You have school tomorrow.
  • Always interesting to see that morons use as well as normal human beings. My sympathy; your life must be a sad and deprssing thing -- for you and for those who come into contact with you.
  • turks will annihilate you all, you fucking scumbags.

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