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  • This shit makes my dick hard.
  • this music will take you into the deepest space without the illicit drugs
  • Our debut album, 'Spectrum', is available to download for free and vinyl can be ordered from
  • Motherdust - "1500". Official debut album now available on CD and download!! Get this extraordinary psychedelic/blues/space rock release via Bandcamp or directly from the band at All distros, mailorders and shops which would like to add this item to their range are welcome to get in touch! There are also promotional copies for reviewers available. Tune in and start your trippy journey into another time...
  • Good for you killian [10]
  • Friends, if you like, you can read my article on krautrock music. Thank you. Om ..... ॐ
  • perfect tag
  • gud
  • Good for you killian [9]
  • Good for you killian [8] and Public Service Broadcasting is NOT krautrock
  • good for you killian
  • Good for you killian [6]
  • Anyone recommends new krautrock bands?
  • Good for you killian [5]
  • I knew about the Krautrock influence on [tag]post-punk[/tag] or [tag]ambient[/tag] music, but I just realized the very strong influence on early [tag]industrial[/tag] productions
  • Good for you killian [3]
  • Good for you killian [2]
  • Good for you killian
  • i fucking hate this shit. fuck german
  • Most artists here are amazing
  • THE FINAL INSTALMENT AND THE LAST TIME I'LL SPAM THIS WALL I PROMISE. Harmonia and their album Deluxe are our final talking points on the matter. I hope you've enjoyed the series:
  • These posts will stop coming soon, I promise. But until then, here is our discussion of Neu!'s 1975 album Neu! '75:
  • Can's 1973 album Future Days. The gift that keeps on giving:
  • Wat. Faust? Faust IV? Yep:
  • Sup dudes. This time it's Klaus Schulze's album Irrlicht. Enough said:
  • Hey, it's this guy again. Talkin krautrock again. This time it's Popol Vuh's 1971 album "In Den Garten Pharaos" and you should listen to our discussion because it's great. Lack of modesty probably intended:
  • I'm starting to like some bands in this genre, but as a whole, it's hard to get used to.
  • Also, you can browse the whole marathon here:
  • We are at the moment engaged in a series of discussions about the years of 1970-1975 in Krautrock over at my Podcast. This week we spoke about Amon Duul II's Yeti. You should listen to it if you like stuff and things:
  • Try this ...,+Antonio+Vitolo/Untitled+Album
  • You can win a copy of the Krautrock inspired black metal album "Zur Späten Stunde | Zeiträume" by Total Negation at Metal Music Archives. For more on the contest, go here:
  • "outrageous bloody guitar freak-outs by modern day krautrockers" Download available @ Bandcamp!
  • West Germany was just this seething and psychedelic cauldron of creativity in the 70s. So many bands still left to listen to.
  • The Zest? The Zest is my unofficial TANGERINE DREAM newsletter. The PDF (usually 10-20 pages) covers all of the latest news as well as looking back at the bands formative years. Most issues contain a 'vintage section' covering either a interview with the group or an expanded article on a classic concert, album or tour. Currently there are 230 members on the ZEST mailing list. Join now at: ZestAndy6304 AT aol DOT co DOT uk You'll receive all of the newsletters from a different email address - so check your spam folder.
  • I've just written a journal about a documentary I saw on Kraftwerk and the Krautrock scene! Read it here:
  • Top artists here = excellent.
  • tago mago is the shit, a fucking masterpiece
  • Krautrock is for life.
  • try this some tracks are rly awesome
  • I'm new to the bands in this scene, and so far, Can is the most impressive band I've heard in this scene.
  • [url=]BBC4 music documentaries are awesum[/url]
  • Please listen to my first song. I play the keyboard just since 4 months. It's no masterpiece. But I look forward to hear your critics. I know that the song is a bit drab, but practice makes perfect.^^ Maybe the next song is better. Scrobbling would be nice. Have fun.
  • Proto-post-punk. [3]
  • Kraftwerk
  • interesting, i must say
  • dream poperz
  • posto-prot-punk
  • Proto-post-punk. [2]


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