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  • TRAX <3
  • NELL is coming back! My ears are ready~
  • why there is mno separate group about korean indie?! there are so many cool grops!!!!!!!!
  • STORY SELLER - real krock girlsband.
  • v What do you mean is this real? And if came here just to make fun of this tag well I am going to make fun of your tag v1d4l0k4, fake, my life, needs an enlish teacher. I am pretty sure you need a English teacher because it's English not enlish....
  • omg is this real
  • v CN Blue and FT Island are pop/rock band..
  • oh people.. don't play rock.. :DD also F.T.Island :DD
  • dude what about great bands like rocket diary and sugar donut and super kidd? Nia! Rumble Fish. even Taru!!! Don't even get me started on bands like dear cloud, broccoli you too or peter pan complex, they are all more rock than f.t island and put together :/
  • K-rock is more like pop rock. But still, there ARE heavier rock bands from Korea, you just need to search better. Anyway, the old -The TRAX- (while there were 4 members) was the best. ;)

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