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  • Perhaps I want to tag artists as "Japanese" when I want to recommend a list of Japanese artists to someone else instead of looking through multiple lists of genres filled with people of other countries. I know that I'm always looking for good Chinese artists to listen to regardless of what genre of music they make. Nationality tags make it a lot easier if a friend of mine on another forum wants a list of Chinese singers or Japanese singers and I have a list already neatly compiled to link to them. That's why I use it.
  • Japanese music is awesome
  • JAPAN 2012
  • @Madrangue: neither folk noise or jazz are worth listening to, for they do not praise the beast in man. why would you listen to music that makes you weak?
  • 加える
  • I always rant about that. Nice to see other people share this opinion.
  • Why the fuck do we tag everything with Japanese instead of I don't know, maybe the genre of music?
  • @Entropy_ftw: what about folk, noise, jazz or ambient? Many talented artists get overlooked, same as any other country. People listen to and come to like what mass media show them... Just get curious, dig a little, don't be reluctant to try new stuff, and you'll eventually find something you like. Forget Oricon, cause Japanese music isn't only about anime, visual kei and idol pop.
  • J-pop...
  • weaboos fucking everywhere [3] if it wasn't for their quirky pseudothrashpunk, the japanese people wouldn't have contributed anything to the world of music.
  • lo chistoso de japon es que toda su música es pop y simplona :D y muchos quieren parecer gringos
  • Japanese music is new to me but very interesting! I like some of the sounds :)
  • "weaboos fucking everywhere" Japan so kawaii desu. |≧ლ≦✿|
  • "whom the majority of are dedicated to earning their next buck solely, rather than enjoying what they do."-----> Actually, that sounds exactly like what Japan does, namely AKB48 and their multiple sub-groups.
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  • Is there a Japan group? :)
  • Fuck Japanese girl, do not know in what to sing?
  • Hello everybody! Here I want to tell you is that, I hate the japanese.Japanese have any good, he looks like a very arrogant ...
  • who is japanese best singer/band ?
  • weaboos fucking everywhere [2]
  • weaboos fucking everywhere
  • Japan is better than America cause they are a hell of a lot dedicated to what they do rather than Americans, whom the majority of are dedicated to earning their next buck solely, rather than enjoying what they do.
  • all gooks. every one of em
  • Perfume <3
  • @ashdinosaur: very definitely my bad for misunderstanding fetishization, though the first link isn't entirely relevant given it's dealing with the typification and simplification of 'one culture for the consumption of another' - if you want to get into whether the japanese exaggerate their image for our benefit, and who is ultimately in the wrong for the enjoyment of the end-product, well that's iffy territory. good stuff though, cheers for the links.
  • "why is japan so much better than america ?" lol. real japanese ppl don't say this aloud even though they actually think so! btw Ellegarden is one of the most amazing band in my entire life♥
  • i am deeply in love with japan (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • why is japan so much better than america ?[7]
  • Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Instrumental Hip-Hop и Post-Rock Juzhin
  • @DaveyFabulous: It doesn't make you a "bad person" (very vague thing, morality) but it does make you a racist, and while I'm sure it's lovely on your end, it's making people's lives shit on the receiving end. Have some links:
  • hello my deaf welcome
  • @ashdinosaur: Ha! Yes, very true. And loving every minute of it. I stopped worrying about fetishizing around about the same time I realised cute girls only talked to me because I was Irish. That probably makes me a bad person... but this music is wonderful.
  • "why is japan so much better than america " Because you're fetishising their culture.
  • see [url=][/url] for chracteristic bands of self-titled Asian groups: Japanese + Korean bands are on top :-)
  • why is japan so much better than america ?[6]
  • That's like saying a lollipop is better than testicular cancer. It's obvious.
  • why is japan so much better than america ?[5]
  • why is japan so much better than america ?[4]
  • Japan is much better that america because they have culture !
  • i want to live in Japan T___T
  • why is japan so much better than america ?[3]
  • how did i got myself into this?
  • why is japan so much better than america ?
  • love japenese music
  • ёбаные китайцы
  • oh yea.
  • tomochin hyped. ay girl.
  • Wtf is ching chong?
  • Apart from inventing several of their own styles, the Japanese also seem to have a remarkable knack for taking European or American genres and improving on them in ways and by magnitudes I never thought possible. Death Metal is one of the few exceptions I can think of.


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