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J-Pop är en kortform av japansk populärkultur och som betecknar japansk musik som har influenser från väst-världen. Uttrycket användes först av radiokanalen J-Wave för popmusik men innefattar numera flera genrer, till exempel rock, dance, rap, och soul (japansk rock kallas i allmänhet för J-Rock. De underkategorier som finns inom J-rocken är bland annat Visual Kei och J-metal).




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  • @Seperat0r - Probably not what you're looking for but DeviceHigh has a deep house song called Dancin' Joker. And not Japanese, but if you like deep house and lounge, check out the singer Aya. Her song "Looking for the Sun" is delicious.
  • @xStrikeBassProx - Um yeah, let me guess, all you know is Perfume and AKB48? And that's who you're using to judge and categorize all J-Pop? Okay, first of all, there's plenty of Japanese female singers who're considered J-Pop that are fabulous. Go get yourself some MELL, 島みやえい子 (Eiko Shimamiya), Lia, 壱岐尾彩花 (Ayaka Ikio), globe, and angela. Secondly, since you seem to like rock, go check out 電気式華憐音楽集団 (Denkare) and 妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku). Both bands have lead female singers that kick ass.
  • YOSHIKO SAI (佐井好子) ♥♥♥
  • 呀吼~
  • @xStrikeBassProx: if you like ballad, try Rythem; Shibata Jun
  • Can somebody recommend me one good artist from this genre that doesn't suck? I know it's hard but c'mon,have to be at least one.
  • @Seperat0r Jazztronic or Fantastic Plastic Machine are good starts for what are you looking for.
  • Someone recommend me some J-Pop with like a deep-house, sunken bass, early 2000s, lounge type of feel. I know I've heard it before I just can't pin down any artists.
  • Good j-pop is better than k-pop, but there isn't a lot of good j-pop.
  • Wa Creans is Japanese music label. I recommend my label artists. Sounds like: abstract, soundscape, trip hop, jazz, Japanese picturesque scenery & rhythm. Relax and enjoy.

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