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  • Is dimmu burger indie?
  • Sign if you want the old back:
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [18]
  • This tag has become a "meme"
  • UMMMH i like indie su muuuuuuch i ilisten lana del rey and lorde
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [17]
  • one of the most cancerous terms in music today
  • Me so indie today :D
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [16]
  • Kodaline never fails to impress me, check out their new video!
  • I'm not so indie (1)
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [15]
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [14] indie stands for independent [2]
  • Who the fuck cares about tags? '-'
  • That said, people that refer to Lana Del Rey as indie instead of pop need to just calm the fuck down.
  • "indie stands for independent and youre dumb as fuck if you think indie rock is an actual genre" Basically true. But I'd argue that "indie" has developed into a specific sound, especially in the last few years, so it is at least a legitimate umbrella term.
  • this tag and all the ones who use it are the 'anti-fun-brigade', having to see this tag on nearly every artist can be painful sometimes..
  • I see this tag on many artists I wouldn't consider "indie". Is there some OCD loony bin going 'round and just tagging everything they see as "indie"?
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [13]
  • Why r u tagging every band "indie"
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  • Say no to this tag. [2]
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  • Say no to this tag.
  • korn is pretty indie.
  • @Mainstream001 Trying way too hard. It's called subtlety, dude. You're coming off as too self-aware, which ruins the illusion.
  • gay music
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  • Never thought I'd find a tag more bastardized than "industrial"... but there you go.
  • i love this song
  • amazing
  • Это просто великолепно.
  • I only use this tag for alternative rock that isn't released on a major label.
  • Even if you hate indie, your band will be called indie. Deal with it.
  • bullshit
  • indeed
  • this tag means nothing
  • Post rock, pot-punk, post-grunge, post-indie, pos-eso. Lista que recorre la música “post” (más o menos veinte añitos) desde la óptica más bailable y cañera. Como siempre, se recomienda poner a toda hostia.
  • Don't miss this one t0o,
  • Love it
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [13]
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [12]
  • I'm so indie I listen to lana del rey and lorde [11]
  • Chill Trip Hop, Soulful Downtempo (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,5) by DJ Gami.K
  • Foster The People


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