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  • i came to realize that is an 'indie' and 'alternative' mainstream radio somehow ...
  • No, those are Indians.
  • There is alot of people living in India.
  • I had no idea you can shout at tags now..... how neat. and useless.
  • Who gives a shit what genre somethings is...The way i see it,it's either Good,OK or Bad...Jeeees
  • skinnydrifter wrote: "it isn't though... this is just what people group music into." -- Yeah, you're right.. Sorry, but I can get kind of drifted away when it comes to sorting things out =P And I can understand the use of the 'indie' tag more now, it regards the whole scene, which is different from the music genre tag 'indie rock'. I do think though, that a lot of people use 'indie' (scene) when they mean 'indie rock' (genre; which is the same as alternative rock imo); but don't tag it like that. That's why you've got bands with one load of 'indie' tags, and another load of 'indie rock' tags...
  • Most of the bands tagged as indie on this website don't follow what that wiki up there is saying...
  • That's just the thing, it's not a genre.
  • It doesn't exist.
  • Most artists labeled as indie share a similar sound (much like bands labeled as pop do), regardless of whether they're signed to a major label or not. I don't see why people make such a big deal about it as a genre.
  • 'Indie'=bullshit genre It should be fazed out on along with all the other stupid ass indie sub genres which people also decide they should tag the same band they just tagged indie with (indie-pop, indie-rock, etc.) If you're going to stupidly label a band indie why do you need to tag they with all these stupid ass fake sub-genres too. I'm tired of finding all of a bands tags as, Indie, Indie, Indie-rock, Indie-pop, lo-fi. I don't get why hasn't done anything about this yet. I hope this fad runs out by 2010.
  • your != you're Let people use whatever tags they see fit...
  • Your a moron. Pop has been a genre for decades upon decades and there is proof to show this. While indie is just a broad term for bands in a 'indie scene' or on a independant label. =/
  • it isn't though... this is just what people group music into.
  • I think is trying to discourage the users to use tags like 'indie', 'alternative' and 'punk'. When adding a tag using the website it doesn't suggest -those- words, but words like 'alternative rock' and 'alternative metal', for instance. They are right with this, because 'indie' can be indie rock and indie pop. 'Alternative' can be alternative rock, alternative metal, alternative hip hop and alternative dance, etc. And the same goes for 'punk', there's punk rock, pop punk, post-punk, etc, etc. 'Indie', 'alternative' and 'punk' tags are just too vague..
  • INDIE... is cheese!!!
  • "On, it is common for the users to tag whatever band they feel like with indie, even century-old classical musician composers who were around when the word indie was nonexistent. As soon as a band becomes popular in the “indie crowd”, expect your beloved metal, alternative, shoegaze, electronic, rap, or band of virtually any other genre to begin being tagged as indie. There is nothing you can to stop them." damn true xD
  • Indie is a virus. Indie is a cancer. there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Actually the coolest 'indie' bands are tagged by names such as 'post-rock', 'freak folk', 'shoegazer', 'experimental', 'noise rock', etc.. ;)
  • If you think your favorite band is really cool be sure to tag it as indie! No really, it adds an extra 10 cool points to any artist!
  • lol
  • join me in my mission:
  • tag shouts... oh god let the hate begin
  • i understand this is beta. but it is so much uglier. hmm, kinda sad is degenerating ... :P
  • beta sucks because of this tagshouting
  • ugly
  • hahahahaha
  • Oh, look, the shout page for the indie tag is as pretty much as annoying as the "genre" itself. Gee


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