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  • industrial death metal, finally i know what idm is. nice.
  • industrial death metal?
  • Flying Lotus is Wonky or glitch hop artist.These are influenced by idm.
  • GAH! Flying Lotus!?! thats not idm.
  • Site with IDM news and events!
  • New Breakcore Album: FREE DOWNLOAD
  • Love the music, hate the genre name. Smacks of elitism. [2] Most genre names and tags are bullshit tbh.
  • к звёздам -
  • i thought dance music was dumb [2]
  • Love the music, hate the genre name. Smacks of elitism.
  • I'm a noob when it comes to IDM but I can say I love Venetian Snares, Flying Lotus and Aphex Twin.
  • i thought dance music was dumb
  • Whenever i hear IDM, in my mind always apears Aphex Twin
  • The term originated from a Warp release "Artificial Intelligence". They shoulda picked up Artificial, woulda been much better. ADM.
  • So intelligent music! it could do my homework please?
  • DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout. We are conducting a campaign to promote our free download. Relax and enjoy.
  • this stuff is just all instrumental rock music lame
  • feedback appreciated:)
  • and a website about psybient downtempo ambient music
  • internet dance music
  • There's nothing 'intelligent' about this type of music, it's just pure aural pleasure. And yes, 'I like something or I don't'.
  • Aphex Twin commented on the 'Intelligent Dance Music' label: I just think it's really funny to have terms like that. It's basically saying 'this is intelligent and everything else is stupid.' It's really nasty to everyone else's music. (laughs) It makes me laugh, things like that. I don't use names. I just say that I like something or I don't.
  • Try my playlist at spotify : Worth a try! :))
  • Get the fuck out, stinky, dumby rock-fag
  • "intelligent dance music"? what a fucking poncy sounding genre name. just call it 'clicky music' or something
  • IDM supergroup Hydrus has a new cd 'Nodes', available as a cd or in any digital format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more):
  • hey, check this out...experimental electronica, dubstep, drum'n'bass, industrial, chilling ambient mixed to a very unique style: enjoy! ;)
  • Industrial Death Metal :D
  • Electronic and ambient music with some idm feeling. Enjoy!
  • irritating dumb music is more like it BOOSH
  • Please check this: Thank you.
  • thanks.
  • Danomagico - idm is a shit name but damn, what could you call that genre then ? Siliconflux - I simply call it the language I use to communicate with my god.
  • idm is a shit name but damn, what could you call that genre then ?
  • Apparat LOL. it's shit
  • @CatalystDM i don't wanna say IDM
  • Flying Lotus? WTF?
  • Da Vosk Docta : Black Crystals x VICE magazine
  • I prefer to call it "braindance"
  • Insufficient Description Motherfucker.


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