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  • Hip-hop is my thing I do wat I love no stressing, coz me and my niggaz we flexing. don't miss out check out my projects
  • hip-hop is the correct
  • I'm a young hip hop producer from Austria. Check out my beats and share your opinions with me: FFO: Earl Sweatshirt, Mac Miller, Tyler The Creator, Death Grips
  • Don't miss this one t0o,
  • woooooooooooooooooooow
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  • Hip Hop Trip Hop, Retro Instrumental (Air Relaxing Mixtape Vol,7) by DJ Gami.K
  • Amazing underground progressive rock/hip hop with psychedelic elements and intense, tight drumming!
  • [url=]Slovak Hip-Hop group[/url]
  • ALGUIEN QUE ME DIGA LA DE QUE CANTANTE ES Y COMO SE LLAMA LA CANCION DE ESTA LETRA: cinco la mañana mañanero bombardero soy el verdadero rapero q dia a dia sale a bombardear la zona neutra a ser estallar con los tag q le voy a implantar
  • discover new music: e.g. start [url=]playing my library[/url] and read up links on my profile (e.g. my "music neighbour evolution" page, you can see there which neighbours stay same over time + listen also to their libraries, ...)
  • Wa Creans is Japanese music label. DJ Gami.K produced "Zen Hop" in new musical genre. Zen Hop is meditation zen music include hip hop, trip hop, ambient, ethnic, abstract, downtempo, chillout. We are conducting a campaign to promote our free download. Relax and enjoy.
  • @radiodiego: For the best #HipHop #Music #FreeDownloads Go to--> ​ --> and Subscribe 2 @1skfam #OOHKLAYFAZE
  • The title explain it itself, take a listen at how I see Hip Hop in the last decade.
  • low-iq music
  • De dance z so hard ba hw mk it luk easy
  • Canale di recensioni hip hop:
  • Beast Coast group:
  • Check out [artist]Andrew Heritage[/artist]'s free new album [url=]I've Got Emotions Too on Bandcamp![/url]
  • mixtape by beats:metaphysical #chillout #vibes #trap #hip-hop
  • Check out my blog where I review underground hip hop! Latest review: Eyedea and Abilities album E&A!
  • "unfortauntly i do live in a town where theres alot of hip hop fans and all i'm saying that a few of them look down on me when i wear my heavy metal shirts which is totally wrong.." I haven't had too many hip hop fans comment or frown upon the metal i listen to but you got to wonder why do people do that? It's the same in the metal community, if something isn't deemed 'metal enough' or they just don't like it they have to call it 'gay' or some other pointless, repetitive comment. With that being said people like a certain sound and the way it's sung. There's really no need to get upset over sounds recorded on a computer or some other recording device.
  • dark instrumental hip hop & chill out beatz:
  • country, hip hop, and metal fans are some of the snobbiest people around. none of them are angels filled with innocecence in the snob department. fucking country fans especially, in my experience. they think there's nothing more "American" than their shit and they think anyone who doesnt like that crap has AIDS ears or something.
  • New Music Mike Trillzs
  • Worst music ever.
  • <3
  • V I'm not a metalhead but i do like it and unfortauntly i do live in a town where theres alot of hip hop fans and all i'm saying that a few of them look down on me when i wear my heavy metal shirts which is totally wrong..
  • v lol I listen to metal and people into metal like to ostracize hiphop, metalheads are just as snobbish.
  • i think hip hop is very popular because of the fact that it's trendy "hipster" music..Just like disco was back in the 70s..The only thing i don't like about most hip hop fans is that they seem very snobbish towards people who listen to other types of music especially towards people who listen to heavy metal and wear heavy metal t-shirts..
  • I hate Rap. I prefer music. Fuck the samplers..REAL instruments make REAL music
  • I think hip hop is overrated
  • Where the hell are the real rappers
  • the worst thing ever to happen to music
  • Dj uncle al. Trickdaddey.lil John. Ace hood .Lily booties.50cent.2pac.
  • Shit .[3]
  • omg.
  • Shit. [2]
  • check out this amazing song:
  • @light_your_way blks are not racist nun wat so ever just bcause we created our own kind of music not only that we listen to pop, country, tecno & other forms of music too but hip hop is wat we created ourselves jus like whites made country pop rock & even tecno & house music so dnt sat dumb ass shit lyk dat jus bcause Eminem is 1 of tha only few white ppl in tha hiphop catagory that shit is very ignorant & yu shud watch tha dumb shit yu say
  • This tag is butchered like screamo and dubstep
  • check out music by K.I.N.G of u get a chance!!!!!
  • Check out TX Best! youtube/bigskoaggtown


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