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  • I've seen half of the people still scrobbling after complaining. The site is slowly improving but the only thing i'd like back is the I like having my top artists in a logo image.
  • Why are metalheads such crybabies? They fucking cry for everythig. "OMG my fav band changed their sound plz bring it back", "OMG my fav band changed their logo plz bring it back", "OMG my fav band changed their main singer plz bring it back", "OMG my fav scrobbling site changed their layout plz bring it back"
  • I'm still debating on whether to scrobble, it took them 2 months just to restore the shoutbox. Seeing that the petition hasn't done anything, this site is still a joke. It's like only 1 or 2 people are managing the entire site and they go on coffee breaks every 10 minutes.
  • Sadly, they're never bringing back the old version of That petition is a joke. You might as well get used to the new shitty layout and just wait for the trickle of reactivated/new features they've promised to be implemented piecemeal over the next 5 years.
  • Sign if you want the old back:
  • Do you know Azote band? Here´s our first EP called Graves Excesos , feel free to download it from: (Licensed under CC-BY_NC_SA so you don't have to worry about copyright infringements) If you like it, we hope you go and like us in Facebook: Thanks a lot!
  • Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun"
  • Heavy Metal songs, Queensryche approved:
  • LA NUMERO UNO.. +++++ DEL 110% = MANOWAR
  • ZİGGURAT - Kudretim Var (2015) New song
  • "(or am I forgetting a few Heavy Metal bands of the 80s that are NOT 80s Glam Metal)?" - To name a few; Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Motorhead, Raven (minus Stay Hard & the Pack is Back), Black Sabbath, Dio, Judas Priest (minus Turbo), Danzig, Satan, Iron Maiden, (early) Running Wild, Manowar, Anvil, Manilla Road, Accept, Armored Saint, Savatage (minus Fight for the Rock), Saxon (minus Innocence is No Excuse, Rock the Nations & Destiny), Riot, Venom, Exciter and Warlock. There were glam bands who played metal (early Motley Crue, later W.A.S.P., Twisted Sister, Lizzy Borden and Dokken), but on average the majority of glam bands were pop-y hard rock.
  • That's why they are the only good heavy metal band.
  • "70s Black Sabbath was heavier than any other heavy metal band. That's why they are the only good heavy metal band." >2015 >still using false dichotomies to argument against an entire musical genre. Gotta love stupid people thinking everything has only two extremes and you always have to choose just one.
  • Black Sabbath kept the blues and created traditional doom while Judas Priest discarded much of the bluesy sound and created the 'metallic' (metal) sound. Both bands are great imo.
  • You cannot compare Black Sabbath with Judas Priest. Completely different aesthetics. In fact, BS created traditional doom metal sound back in the early 70s, along with a few other bands.
  • Take a peak at this upcoming Metal band Band: Violence
  • 70s Black Sabbath was heavier than any other heavy metal band. That's why they are the only good heavy metal band.
  • But 70s Sabbath was heavier than 70s Priest.
  • Sabbath made metal but Judas made it heavy [3] I'll go with this one!
  • Only people who have heard very few metal bands can hate the genre.
  • Ух-ты
  • Однако иногда под хеви-металом понимают метал вообще (это особенно распространено на Западе). А вот это бесит. Как и называть весь рок рок-н-роллом. Неправильно епт.
  • Free download Check out doomtrain !
  • >mfw still many people think "heavy metal" is a subgenre of "metal" :'(
  • Sabbath made metal but Judas made it heavy :D[2]
  • Early Black Sabbath is the only heavy metal worth listening to.
  • accept
  • o que slipknot faz nessa tag
  • Один из моих самых любимых жанров
  • Wooooo heavy metal rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Slipknot Heavy Metal? O.O
  • a documentary on how indian metal scene has grown and how the artist are not letting their passion die........... if u liked it.......... the do share comment or like. or whatever u feel like.............
  • vv they exploited every drop of money they could out of it.
  • Why no metal on TV specialy the establish Channels
  • Hey I started a new group for music fanatics, the focus is going to be different than the ExMF and the frosty paradigm. It's a bit of an experiment but if a bunch of people get in it could be cool. Join if you are interested. I want this group to become a center for music discussion on Lastfm (even though it's metal centered, other genres are more than welcome to be discussed.) Cheers!
  • играют так же клоунски, как и выглядят.
  • my faves are [artist]Miley Cyrus[/artist]
  • Rihanna
  • Meet At Sundown has a new 6 songs out. lastfm is giving us trouble uploading but you can check it out on reverbnation if you wish
  • For fans of High on Fire, Mastodon, Baroness, Black Sabbath, ect. Download our new EP "Cybernetic Divine" for free off bandcamp.
  • lolol all these bands look the same.
  • This is great that you have this page about heavy metal here for all us metal heads to see! If anyone wants to hear some real great heavy metal acts check out We are dedicated to all heavy metal bands in the great state of Arizona! We have links to all the bands and we have videos from the heavy metal shoes we have been to! All Arizona Heavy Metal music all the time from all the greatest Arizona Heavy Metal Bands!
  • What is the best metal album from 2000 - 2010? My vote is the band Priestess "Prior to the Fire". They have their own sound. The only comparison would be Journey (Steve Perry) playing a much harder kind of rock. Please try "We Ride Tonight" and "Raccoon Eyes".
  • Replace Metallica with Hell or Saxon and we would have a perfect top 8.
  • Replace Manowar with Accept and we'd have a nearly perfect top 8. [3]


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