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  • lmfao nightcore and s3rl
  • А житуха ведь тащит
  • ща сосать будешь
  • huahahaha
  • New shit! https://totaldestructionrec.bandcamp.com/
  • Don't be a cock
  • piece of shit
  • minamotoya is a hyped artist, why?
  • munted shuffle gern GO!
  • new goreshit album 'ministry of shit' out now (http://goreshit.bandcamp.com/album/ministry-of-shit) - free or pay what you like. xx.
  • https://soundcloud.com/vaginamputada
  • Happy hardshit :3
  • shitten wave)
  • psh... Power Metal is waaaay lamer than this
  • Happy Hardcock
  • Lamest "real" genre ever[2]
  • I laugh whenever a happy sounding hardcore punk song comes on ...YOURE DOING IT WRONG
  • Fuck Scooter... That's just an shitty Happy Hardcore act.... Real Happy Hardcore are Scott Brown and DJ Paul... Not that Scooter faggot...
  • Lamest "real" genre ever
  • keske con en a a foute moi chui zoophile
  • gay
  • i am lesbian
  • I am Gay [4]
  • I am Gay [2]
  • I am Gay
  • I will not stop until I munch all of the carpets.
  • SOOOO suck! hahahah
  • Hit-or-miss
  • "But this isn't hardcore!" said the kid who hadn't ever bothered to even listen to the founders of hardcore punk.
  • Gay
  • papy Harcore [artist]Greezminh[/artist]
  • wtf ?
  • >metal pardon, was referring to punk :c
  • Rofl. Hardcore has nothing to do with Metal.
  • "1) Hardcore music, referred to metal sub-genre" Wat?
  • Lol. Some people still don't know about: 1) Hardcore music, referred to metal sub-genre 2) Hardcore music, referred to electronic/dance sub-genre.
  • stoner_friend... может... хардкор это та музыка которая трудна для прослушивания... не обязательно это должен быть рок
  • Seems that plenty of people need to go on the rave.
  • ??? electro music ??? Happy Hardcore should be a Hardcore music with happy lyrics xD
  • where is here hardcore ;<?
  • uykfyukyukfyuk : DDDDDDDDDD
  • yes hardcore
  • not hardcore
  • lol
  • stupid teg
  • I was just being a troll. But I haven't heard anyone any age refer to a techno artist as happy hardcore. However I've heard so much reference to it about modern pop punk and easycore bands it's ridiculous. The rave kids and techno geeks would call any and of these house or just techno. Never heard the term happy hardcore pop out of someones mouth that didn't have a beard and wasn't 30 lbs overweight. idk maybe just no one in colorado has no basic knowledge of techno.
  • JCCAKES is a troll, or just a silly scene kid with no musical knowledge.
  • He's from Brazil. What did you expect. Anyway, it's really shame that this genre died at the end of 90's. :(


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