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  • Happy Halloween! [2]
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Happy Halloween! Here is a link to DJ Schmolli's Halloween collection.
  • I love soad and wu tang clan also but they dont belong on here
  • Happy Halloween, y'all!!
  • !
  • Happy Halloween!
  • Totally agree with VernianProcess! And, btw, will add to that the soundtrack for Donnie Darko...especially the original score by Michael Andrews.
  • OMG... what's with the lack of Oingo Boingo? D. Elfman's scores are a totally different style of music.
  • Ghastly Ones!
  • Zombie Ghost Train, Faraway Boys, Nekromantix, Horrorpops, Famous Monsters, Coffin Nails, The Independants, Nerous Norvus, Tombstone Brawlers, Mad Marge & The Stonecutter, Zombina and the Skeletones, Dead Luck DeVillies, Calavera, Acid Bath, The Young Were Wolves, Calabrese, Tiger Army< Knock Galley West, Wojciech Kilar, ... I could keep going just look up the tags Horror Punk or Psychobilly.
  • Also creature feature
  • You want helloweeen music check out these bands instead Samhain,rezurex,45 grave,the ghastly ones,Ghoul,koffin kats,christain death,demented are go,psycho charger,impaled, or look up death rock,or goth or for that fact industrial or ebm
  • comment...
  • My birthday is on Halloween!! YAY! Gonna have a parrrrteee, and def use this tag as a reference for great music.... \o/ BRING IT ON!!
  • i can't wait for halloween!
  • gonna need some awesome halloween music pretty soon!
  • Why hasn't this tag had comments this October?
  • Decent tag... I'm already ready for Halloween... Everday Is Halloween, for that matter...
  • I like xmas too...
  • I fucking love Halloween and everything about it. Especially the music.
  • i adore this tag xD
  • Happy Halloween: [url=]Halloween Tunes[/url] O))) Tony A. Ward, [artist]Lungbutter[/artist]

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