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  • this music will take you into the deepest space without the illicit drugs
  • >implying guitars are instruments
  • Alternative, non-mainstream, Lo-fi and home-recorded Guitar Tunes in a Mixcloud Radio Show, Guest Curated by Bristol Lo-fi Guitarist, Master Harker
  • pure noise manifestation - self titled Please check it, a lot of different styles are mixed in this release
  • hendrix for life now come on
  • guitar music is so lovely
  • sweeet
  • cool
  • I seem to be missing: Ritchie Blackmore, Tomi Iommi ...Thank you!.
  • GUITAR community on Google
  • the best guitarist of all time is eric clapton !
  • Instrumental 'crime-rock', from Little Muddy's album Door 15...a track called Door 15, and Caveman Radio.
  • Dear friends, we are happy to invite you at PLAI FESTIVAL in Timisoara, Romania at the Banat Village Museum, 14-16 of September 2012: 3 days of concerts + cultural activities --- PATRICE & The Supowers, FATOUMATA Diawara, AZIZA Mustafa Zadeh, OQUESTRADA, BLUE NIPPLE BOY, The GANGA JAZZ ENSEMBLE and SUBCARPATI. --- 40 cultural partners (NGOs, cultural institutes, embassies) will offer free workshops, theater performances, movie screenings etc… Try every workshop, relax in the OPEN AIR at the ChillOut with SILENT DISCO, enjoy some SUSHI and find out what WORLD MUSIC is all about directly from this year's artists. Please feel free to send this invitation to all of your friends who might be interested in this event. We thank you and we will welcome you at PLAI! &
  • I think a great new band are EMBASSY 516 check out their acoustic rendition of "Waterproof Cruising"
  • Hi. January was great, so "The stammer" will be featured until the end of February. You can hear "The stammer" at"Filo"+Phillips
  • Thanks for your support during 2011 and Best Wishes for 2012. The song of the month for January 2012 is "The Stammer". To hear "The Stammer" please visit"Filo"+Phillips
  • I love the sound of a classical guitar. [artist]Eversilent[/artist]
  • What kind of tag is this [2]
  • Dire Straits- love
  • Little Muddy Instrumentals- a mix of gritty ‘crime-rock’ original instrumentals, with some great classics that the band reinterprets in a striking way.
  • Hi there, Annika Jayne's first album Fabulous Sceneries is out now, including 12 songs in English and French in Folk-Singer/Songwriter-ChamberFolk-Chanson style! Find out more at or at !
  • [track artist=kisielny]kreyzy bluzz[/track]
  • Joey Tribiani
  • What kind of tag is this
  • If you like GUITAR, you may also like [artist]Pete Vyler[/artist] Band. Just a rocknroll Disaster gig. Thanx 4 your follow Listen this WHAWHA gig ! [track artist=pete vyler]Emptyness[/track]
  • Best genre ever.
  • check it :)
  • How do i fucking view all the artists ??????
  • Peter Greeeeen !!!
  • hi guys,how r u?,i hope ur having fun and enjoying music,i am grey cubes,a music maker,i make guitar,ambient,electronic,contemporary classic and many other stuff,hope u take a look on my music here and hope u like it,thanks
  • work in progress
  • stupid tag
  • Something new from nowhere: :) have fun
  • Would you like to have a tip? The tracks from: ANTIQCOOL (very melodic and lovely music)!
  • Уля ля детко!
  • My friends!!!!! Happy New Year 2010!!!!!!! I hope you like this artist New Age!!!! Namasté!
  • My dear idiot friends, this tag is very useful when playing a multi tag radio. electronica+guitar, trance+guitar etc... Think before bullshitting.
  • [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star[/url], [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae - Trouble Sleeping[/url], [url=]Janis Joplin[/url], [url=]Philip Glass[/url], [url=]Aesop Rock[/url], [url=]Hatebreed - Destroy Everything[/url], [url=]Chromeo - Momma's Boy[/url], [url=]Black Eyed Peas My Humps[/url].
  • try go one do it.
  • Cheers to the retarded tag... Long live the idiots!
  • Do they have a tag named "drums" or "bass"? How about "song"?
  • retarded tag
  • best guitarist ever.
  • if you play guitar join this group! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • This a more idiotic tag than hannah montana.


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