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Grindcore är en extrem form av punk och med anknytning till både och . Grindcore kom till genom kombination av element av hardcorepunk och tidig (som även ledde till utvecklingen av death metal).

I Sverige är det största bandet inom scenen Nasum. Andra akter är Gadget, Anal Cunt och Splitter.




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  • shit > nasum
  • People need to stop tagging shitty deathcore bands as grindcore.
  • faith no more. best grindcore band
  • All the grindcore I know would make SJWs cry, and I drink their tears. Anal Nosorog and Amphibian are probably the funniest bands in this style!
  • "Is grindcore death metal for SJW's?" Nah, because SJWs are so far left, they're almost indistinguishable from Nazis. I'd say, grindcore is like death metal (even though it's not death metal at all) for libertarians.
  • Goregrind and "Pornogrind". I don't even know there exists such a thing as "Pornogrind". Goregrind is focused on gore stuff, and Grindcore is more focused on political terms, so I don't know why early Carcass is named as the foundation of this genre, there lyrics are mostly gore related... So in fact it is Goregrind.
  • Grindcore is much more like brutalized punk and is hardly "trve" metal. "trve" metal is shit for pussies.
  • metal + punk ? I thought this genre is totally "trve" metal.
  • :-)

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