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  • VDGG вне конкуренции, когда речь идет о лирике.
  • But seriously where is wintersun?
  • WHERE'S ANAL CUNT ?????????????????????
  • Glad to see Frank Turner is in this list ♥
  • Ленинград ёпта
  • CLUTCH!!!
  • Taylor Swift actually writes great lyrics. Sure her songs may be thematically repetitive but she is very descriptive and, to an extent, even poetic in the execution. She's a young girl writing music that appeals to young girls and she's great at that.
  • The arrogance emanating from this shoutbox on an obviously subjective tag is abominable.
  • DEATH RAY!!!!!!!!!! DEATH RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEATH RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KANYE WEST? lol
  • vvv lady gagas lyrics are the worst :P
  • PARAMORE.. wow, haha. Their lyrics are just, wow. Worst lyrics ever. This tag is misleading.
  • Paramore? Taylor Swift? seriously? o.O
  • Placebo- hell yeah! Paramore- hell no!
  • Paramore? TAI? ..Don't make me laugh! - Other people, other taste
  • Paramore? TAI? ..Don't make me laugh!
  • Paramore...great lyrics, lol, the people who tagged them must be the same people who tagged Evanescence as great lyricists. What a joke!
  • \/
  • Not Bob Dylan or Jim Morrison. Only Paramore. Just one question: ARE YOU SURE?
  • Actually, the lyrics on their latest album aren't that bad.
  • @a404error maybe not that bad, but I agree...
  • ... Paramore? Seriously? Their lyrics are only slightly better than Stephenie Meyer's horrid writing.
  • Miley Cyrus IN THIS TAG???? WTF????
  • wat :@
  • lmao
  • Paramore is definitely has the best lyrics in the world of music. Ever. By far. Everyone should go right now and tag every Paramore song with "great lyrics". Cause every song definitely deserving of such a tag. Or something.
  • Jim Morrison Bob Dylan Syd Barrett Виктор Цой
  • Дельфин лучший
  • Paramore and The Academy Is...?
  • Volbeat great lyrics? Oh please...

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