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  • ....and this old chestnut from a 2010 article hyping the "glo-fi" subgenre with glowing praise. (Articles like this are supposed to make hipsters salivate and cash registers jingle.)
  • 1 more example of marketing with subgenres -- (most of the professional research online is subscription-only and written by and for industry insiders, but this gives a taste of how marketers try to use genre data to make $.
  • Here's a link to an industry blog which should make you wanna wash your hands when you finish reading it. This Media Analyst has worked for SXSW, various labels, management companies, online streaming sources etc. He talks about the issue of mood based tags vs. genres in marketing. Have a look-- ...there are thousands of people like this guy, and he's one of the less influential ones, as the really big players don't usually need or want to record their thoughts on a blog. The action is mostly behind the scenes in boardroom meetings and the like.
  • Who comes up with these genre labels? Industry insiders (record labels, journalists, the artists themselves) who want to market their wares to make them appear new, interesting and hip. Sometimes the tags have more value than others. Nowadays, every few months a new "genre" is announced by Pitchfork or some other rag. And often there are multiple categories for the same artists, like this one which is more or less the same as "chillwave." I have had the dubious pleasure of attending industry workshops and focus groups in which we were played various recent tracks due for release and asked to write down adjectives and nouns that might describe it. These were then used to brainstorm new marketing catch-phrases. More worrying, there are various production teams that purposely create new sounds, then produce bands in a way that conforms to their market-driven formulas (we all know about this for mainstream pop, but it happens in supposedly independent music too).
  • chillwave >
  • I come up with them.
  • Who comes up with these labels? [2]
  • More tracks on my new Youtube Channel : Enjoy and subscribe ;) Music is...YourThirdLung

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