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  • Horrow movies juke
  • Bang & Works Vol.1's [track artist=DJ Spinn]2020[/track] brought me here, reminds me of early 90's ambient techno mixed with the synth of early 90's hip hop with modern tempo. Good music to do blazing footwork.
  • "there's a large gap between style from "Bangs & Works" and artists mentioned above" it definitely is a large gap, it's footwork 2.0 or footwork.2011 haha. Definitely the best thing to happen in 2011, I agree.
  • Just discovered footwork through Mike Paradinas mix "Da Mind Of Traxman" on Mixcloud: I guess for Bangs & Works he chose less established/"newer" artists and tracks.
  • Exactly, but there's a large gap between style from "Bangs & Works" and artists mentioned above... Anyway it's genre of a year IMO, need moar.
  • Or Africa Hitech or Sepalcure's LP etc. I'm fine with footwork. The beats are usually straight footwork, even if there are other sounds added to it.
  • But how should we call artists(tracks) like machinedrum - GBYE, Kuedo - Scissors, Dam Mantle - We, Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder and so on... Post Footwork? New wave of footwork? It's not straight footwork, but influences are very visible.
  • Footwork=Futureshock
  • heaviest electronic music genre/tag

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