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  • Jyväskyläläinen instrumentaali/post-rock bändi BAULTA julkaisi juuri kolmannen albuminsa "Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday!! Se on kuunneltavissa ja ladattavissa täältä:
  • @ScepSpec I, too, hate the fact that Finns drink so much alcohol. :/ And i'm Finnish and don't drink alcohol because i don't see any point in drinking it. Worst thing is the fact that so many of our teenagers drink as well and they don't even have any good reasons to drink, if you ask from me... I wish there was something that could be done about this national drinking problem but i don't think there will ever be a solution as drinking is integrated so deeply into Finnish mindset and attitudes that it would demand dramatic changes in our media and culture to get people from drinking and that will never happen as too many Finns would then defend those cultural aspects etc. :|
  • @ScepSpec, wtf is your problem?
  • Käykää kuuntelemassa:
  • You know, there's a thing about Finnish sludge: it's really fucking good.
  • usa sucks ass also to many poser death metal geeks grind is where its at,not deathmetal
  • No Finland was just a part of Sweden. Vikings rapped in Finland on a daily basis? Fuck yeah.
  • and listening to music in Finnish is one of the most enjoyable things a person can do :)

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