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  • all the people commenting about people commenting about female genital tracts are dildos
  • check out Phoebe Ryan's live performance of 'Homie!'
  • all the people commenting about female genital tracts are boring [2]
  • all the people commenting about female genital tracts are boring
  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract. [6] unbelievable, incredible..
  • Please, people, sign the petition.
  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract. [5]
  • Thankful for this tag since i generally prefer the sound of a woman's voice :-) very helpful
  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract. [4]
  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract. [3]
  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract. [2]
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  • This tag is worse than "World" even.
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  • i think most of the people here are mad about the tag 'female vocalists' as a secondary tag to all vocalists, if you go to the 'male vocalists' tag section, you will see that is used less, therefore specifying and grouping all females into a 'female vocalists' tag group seems a bit unfair and ostracizing. if you go to the 'singer-songwriter' tag, you will see both genders for the artists there, but if you truly have a taste preference for just female vocals, then i can see how this tag could be useful. so this tag is a bit of a double-edged sword.
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  • This person sings while simultaneously possessing a female genital tract.
  • fuck this unnecessary tag [2]
  • fuck this unnecessary tag
  • You people know there's a 'male vocalists' tag, right? [2] There just aren't as many good ones.
  • Even among female vocalists, there are so many different vocal styles that they still can't really be compared. And that's just vocal styles, not even taking the myriad of musical styles into consideration. I still think this is a pointless tag because it's too broad. You could get anyone from [artist]Taylor Swift[/artist] to [artist]White Empress[/artist] to [artist]PJ Harvey[/artist] to [artist]Android Lust[/artist] if you listen to the tag radio.
  • The Woman's voice is the main to listen the music that I hear.
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  • I go wherever I want to, and I don't care about who likes the tag, just saying my point of view, I have the right to think it's stupid, the same way you guys have the right to like it.
  • btw i love female vocalists <3
  • what is the trouble with this tag? its just a tag if you dont like dont come here again lol is it that hard
  • Voice is a musical instrument. Female vocals differs from from male vocals. Many people listen mostly to female vocalists, hence the tag is useful.
  • Stupid comparison. Christian tag is about christian music, has a standard, can you see?. Female vocalists tag for other hand is just a bunch of women of the musical scene, musically speaking, there's nothing similar between them, the only thing that puts them together is the fact that they are women.
  • Guess we'd better drop the 'Christian' tag as well, because that covers everything from metal to pop to country to hip-hop to gospel to reggae. How useless, right?
  • the tag is relevant, just like "strings" I don't like male vocals.
  • This tag is bad as "male vocalists", both stupid and unnecessary, any female singer can be tagged as female vocalist, so what's the point in tagging every woman on the musical scene with this? do you guys need a tag to realize what is a woman or a man? because that's the only explanation I can find, the top 8 artists here, for an example, couldn't be more different, their only similarity is the sexual gender. WOW really such a relevant tag.. but lastfm is full of stupid tags anyway, whatever...
  • I don't think it is sexist to say that having a female vocalist does in fact change the sound. I personally could not care less whether it is male or female but some people might! If someone likes the sound of a female vocalist should I be mad because they are sexist against males? No!
  • Definitely not seeing the problem here, I do tend to listen to a lot of music (spanning a lot of genres) that happen to feature female singers. This tag is definitely indicative of my taste. But go right ahead, rather than identifying it as a sexist or ridiculous tag, why not offer a comment of substance explaining why this tag is bad?
  • shame on you. sexist tag
  • мизогиния
  • delete this
  • Ridiculous.
  • This tag alone set the women's rights movement back by around 20 years.


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