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  • This is a maaaaaan's world, this is a maaaaaaaaan's world, but it wouldn't be nothing, nothing without a woman or a girl (8) It can tell you James Brown or myself too. Respect.
  • jamesedwardcox, you are stupid! why is Evanescence tagged as "female vocalists"?
  • women suck
  • Britney Spears? Seriously!?
  • love tori amos
  • i can't stand seeing the goddesses Bjork and Tori Amos with that slut that is britney spears... [5]
  • and in what sense can you have "too many female singers"? i guess there are "too many male lead guitarists" already too?
  • there is actually nothing inherently superior about an ugly guy who can sing as compared to a pretty girl who can't. we just value voice over looks. the "where's the male vocalists" stuff kind of reminds me of people who are like, "omg why do girls get a women's officer? there should be a men's officer omg!" i like this tag because i actually prefer to listen to a lot of music sung by girls rather than guys. and because socially speaking, the female lead vocal tends to seem to have an *otherness* about it, like the male lead vocal is the default. oh i wonder what helene cixous would have to say about THIS...
  • correct tag for britney spears should be "lip-synchronist"
  • jajaja
  • and why there is a tag called famale vocalist.. and another called female vocalistS??? i dont se a difference if the are used for solo artists... i would understand it if for example it was used for groups who 2 or more women sing otherwise its just confusing
  • Well, Gapeiks about Female vocalists.... You tagged The Smashing Pumpkins as Grunge. lol
  • "Female Vocalists" Really...? This is almost as retarded as the "Seen Live" tag.
  • Britney Spears...female vocalists????
  • There is no genre limit on this tag. It does make it a lot easier to sort through metal and alternative bands with this tag however. A "male vocalist" tag would be plain idiocy. Assuming all female fronted bands are being tagged with "female vocalist" one would think all bands/artists not tagged with this have male vocalists. Pop and Symphonic Metal are probably the only genres off the top of my head where you might see more female vocals than male. It IS a useful tag, regardless of what any narrow-minded person may think, otherwise it wouldn't be here.
  • buenisimo! ... la voz femenina en las canciones resalta mas ... ( a mi parecer XD) bueno depende el grupo para que le de un toque de sentimentalismo o algo de =P ... ^_^!!!
  • They mostly suck. and : stupid tag....... because nobody uses tag Male Vocalists [3] Like there isnt too many female singers already. Every woman that looks good can become a "singer" talent isnt required
  • u guys should just be happy that bjork and tori amos are listed in the top artists section.. ive never even heard of them.
  • [url=http://www.last.fm/user/gigi00/journal/2009/01/04/2dgicc_janis_joplin]Janis Joplin[/url]
  • i can't stand seeing the goddess Bjork with that slut that is tori amos...
  • i can't stand seeing the goddesses Bjork and Tori Amos with that slut that is britney spears... [3]
  • i can't stand seeing the goddesses Bjork and Tori Amos with that slut that is britney spears... [2]
  • i can't stand seeing the goddesses Bjork and Tori Amos with that slut that is britney spears...
  • it is kind of dumb but I did tag it at one point and am too lazy to remove it all at once the description works
  • Britney suck my dick!!! buahahaha OFF xD
  • las vocalista mujeres, son dotadas maravillosamente de hermosa voz....grande el q la creo jehova...........
  • Björk... <3 ^^
  • una voz espectacular
  • Go female!
  • I love female singers... !
  • Brilliant tag, it helped me discover many great bands.
  • well.. at leat it's not nobody, but way less than female vocalists
  • "nobody" is such a strong word - [tag]Male vocalists[/tag]
  • stupid tag....... because nobody uses tag Male Vocalists [2]
  • Britney Spears should be tagged with the "female alcoholics" tag
  • fuchi >_< como ponen a bjork junto a britney spears!! puag! @Prosthetics : björk is not a terrible artist.. hahaha "whatchu smokin?" XD
  • Horror ^_^
  • w00t?
  • yeah, awful.
  • terrible top artists =-(
  • Sure, and [tag]female fronted metal[/tag] owns
  • the best female vocalist are tarja turunen and vibeke stene!
  • The best female vocalist is and will always be Aretha Franklin
  • dead disco ;__; <3 i'm luvin it
  • bjork is a terrible artist? whatchu smokin'?
  • Check out Karla Cruz! Indie rock queen from the emerald city. Enjoy! kala cruz.net
  • womans rocks!
  • manowar should be #1 [3]
  • Duffyyy(H)


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