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  • what is the downside of this tag? this should be an example for everyone. tags don't just have to be genres, be creative with them! it makes it a lot easier to listen to a station without all the songs sounding the same. Ami Os, if you think there isn't a substantial difference between female and male vocalists, you may wanna get your ears checked.
  • Fucking sexists What about Chinawoman and Amanda Palmer with their unisex voices? there's nothing unique in being a female musician
  • most annoying tag ever.
  • my top musical preference.. apparently... I really do like the female vocalists!
  • true it is, but i wish people took the tags more seriously.
  • haha, I love that Radiohead is within this tag. It's so true.
  • fucking feminists. shouldnt you be out castrating something?
  • favorite electronic female voices... Fans of Jimmy Century =)
  • Well at least top artists are pretty cool this time.
  • on the other hand for me it's pretty useless, since the style is to broad musically - only excluding male-vocalists and instrumental bands ~
  • agreeing with all those that say that there is usually a musical difference btw male and female vocalists - and that people haven't created a male-vocalist tag is an other problem.
  • @brainhost: I disagree. Female vocals stand out in a lot of styles of music and are what make them unique. Its not like all female vocals are in pop music. Thats the only problem I have with this is that top artists are mostly pop. The better tags are the ones that are "female fronted ___". It does make a difference.
  • Why you all hate this tag so much?It's just normal tag, what's so awful in it?
  • @setup_my_face: as if there's no 'male vocalists' tag :/
  • my most used tag, probably... :D
  • This tag is owning.
  • Adding to that, this shouldn't even be a tag if it doesn't define the style, which it doesn't, and the creator knows it (look at the description).
  • What a dumb tag... So should it be tagged that we have a male or electronic vocalist two? Style is defined by the genre and messages or visions behind the music (even if they're just "to entertain") and not by the gender of the vocalist. The sound of it's voice is important, but not necasserily determined by the gender of the vocalist (see Chiodus).
  • what the!!
  • stupid tag, i can see by myself that the singer is female lol [x2]
  • Scary Mansion is The Shit!!!!
  • Solo falta un tag "Sexy female vocalist" xD
  • abbastanza bestiale (kul)
  • needs more cookin mah dinner!!
  • needs more melt-banana
  • thats so idiotic
  • most stupid tag ever, period...
  • shut your mouth and make me some sammiches!!
  • Adoro Britney, Beyonce,Gwen...
  • Winehouse!
  • Does indeed need moar Paramore p_o
  • mariah carey`~~~~~
  • Blondiee!
  • BRITNEY <333
  • Yeah! Björk!
  • Epic vocal soundscapes:
  • When I see this tag I know that whatever band it is affixed to is total shit, so to me it is very useful.
  • fortommorow_: "Why would this tag be useless? Some people prefer music with females singing, it's as simple as that. " Exactly! That's all it is about. Not sexist.
  • most retarded tag. ever.
  • FullTimeHero: "This Tag isnt Sexist after it pussy vocalists<- Thats degrading" LmaoRolf
  • Is saying "this tag is stupid" a trend on this page or something?
  • да тетки кайф канешн)))но вы по какому та вокалу ......странном ребята убиваетесь))я люблю Jazz reggae and R&B female voicec?They 2 many cul'))
  • Whis tag is stupid. Why nobody uses "male vocalists" as well?
  • This Tag isnt Sexist after it pussy vocalists<- Thats degrading.. I love fermale punk/rock/metal etc. vocalists but this TAG is to common.I need more specifications.....nur nen paar^^
  • I prefer music with female vocalists. So it IS useful for me. [2]
  • I prefer music with female vocalists. So it IS useful for me.
  • I prefer these artists as well. :-P However, where is Chris Brown, for anyone that can hit a female should be tagged as such... chauvinist pig.


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