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  • Crónica del rock (de 1905 a 2015) Una aventura por el mundo del rock, desde las primeras influencias hasta la actualidad (más de 500 canciones). La lista está, en la medida de lo posible, organizada por épocas y estilos. La selección de los temas es completamente subjetiva (lo que a mi me gusta). Salud.
  • i like this crazy/stupid tag)))) let's rage!!!11
  • old release, almost all of the tracks, a complete shit, but, maybe you hear something interesting in this recordings, i hope so and of course a free download!
  • POP-ROCK HISTORY: 1991-1995
  • Lol look at these angry people
  • Kill this tag with fire!
  • PROnikx - это ты шлак. У каждого свой вкус, а твое мнение засунь куда хочешь только не сри в комментах.
  • There's a shitload of useless tags around and this is one of them. [2]
  • в топе только нирвана в норме . остальные шлак
  • one of the most useless tags .. they should be limited somehow
  • why y'all so mad
  • this is my favorite. O_o
  • There's a shitload of useless tags around and this is one of them.
  • The tags are not supposed to be about genres only. They can be also personal. It's free, not sacred. --It's not a good argument, but LastFM itself offers putting tags like "songs miss X would love"
  • Alejandro [url][/url] best
  • favorites is my favorite.
  • So much lolful vitriol on this page. <3
  • I love rock
  • hi guys,how r u?,i hope ur having fun and enjoying music,i am grey cubes,a music maker,i make ambient,electronic,contemporary classic and many other stuff,hope u take a look on my music here and hope u like it,thanks
  • WTF
  • kool (only emo people should live)
  • Does this tag piss you off? Then this group is just for you!
  • I don't understand this tag
  • what the hell?
  • HEY THERE IS THIS THING NEXT TO THE TRACK YOU CAN CHOOSE ADD AS FAVOURITE AND THERE YOU GO IDIOTS. also fuck yourself TheCandyManCan. I spell it with a "u" and Im American. Its a force of habit. Who knows where I picked it up.
  • yhi aaaron
  • you can tell it's those darn americans that are tagging it favorites because of the way it's spelled! damn you americans!
  • wtf is the point of this -_-
  • Josh Eppard (ex 3, Coheed and Cambria) has a new project!
  • [url=]Janis Joplin[/url]
  • Hey check it out *Better Than Bad*
  • best tag ever !

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