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  • But srsly guys, Eminem and De-Phazz?
  • I highly recommend everyone here to see And So I Watch You From Afar live. [2]
  • do you guys remember when this tag was only applied to Fang Island?
  • I highly recommend everyone here to see And So I Watch You From Afar live.
  • Yes. yes. We ALL understand the purpose of tags (and Grivu you make a good point), but it is FUNNY the idea of having this fantastic tag, and only applying it to Fang Island. Sooo... what other bands are this awesome, uplifting, anthemic (and under-rated): The tag will lead us to them! So, let us have our cake, and eat it too!
  • This tag should be applied to bands including but not limited to Fang Island. [2]
  • The whole point of tags is finding bands that are similar to a band you like. Limiting this tag only to Fang Island is stupid. We should use this tag to spread the word about more bands with a similar positive attitude, not to jerk our hipster dicks and talk about how great this particular band is. [2]
  • I vote to induct Diarrhea Planet into the "Everyone high-fiving everyone" hall of fame. GHOST WITH A BONER
  • This tag should only be applied to Fang Island [28]
  • This fag should only be applied to Tang Island [27]

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