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  • I don't know why people would tag an artist that sings only in English to this page lol.
  • Tokio Hotel have some albums in German and some albums in English and some people apparently needed to note that. Also I imagine Korean or Japanese fans of pop music being excited when someone in their countries records something in English, that's so "exotic".
  • Friends , please listen to these guys - They sing in Russian, but the music is great. But poor recording quality.
  • excellent
  • Everything should be tagged for the languages it's sung in. For example, what if a song has lyrics in three languages (say, English, Italian and Azerbaijani) and additionally, a part is scatted? The song should, then, be tagged with the genre it is and furthermore with [tag]english[/tag], [tag]italian[/tag], [tag]azerbaijani[/tag] and [tag]scat[/tag].
  • It's nationality or language...check the label description...
  • Last time I checked, Lana Del Rey and Tokio Hotel aren't English. Tagging anyone as 'English' because they sing in that language is just a waste of time. T.T
  • Pretty much 90% of music on might as be labeled as English -.-
  • tokio hotel?? O_o [6] Aren`t they german or something?
  • Tokio Hotel does record songs in English nowadays. Not sure if this fact is worth a tag, though.

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