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  • woah look at all those shitty pop-punk bands being called emo
  • "Also how is capture the crown even close to the 2002-2005 popmo bands lol" I said Crown The Empire. Capture The Crown fucking sucks.
  • bobo doesn't go outside and when he does hes either slaying someone or seeing a band lol [2] Once you're an Alternative Adult, you don't have time for anything besides internet and shows. "When I became a man, I put away childish things" which is why mallcore and are all I have left.
  • can we retire bobo and have alysia gibson take his place [3] If I wasn't making money posting online all day, I'd be gone. This is my job though until I find a better one.
  • 2006 bands
  • mcr not emo lol
  • :__(
  • can we retire bobo and have alysia gibson take his place [2]
  • :(
  • We are all just sad.
  • can we retire bobo and have alysia gibson take his place
  • not that bad
  • alysia gibson you have opened my mind and my heart
  • Emo-punk-screamo there all amazing music and I personally love them all you may not but I do and if you don't like them doesn't man youvshood criticise songs and music artist just don't look or listen the it but if you do like it don't let people get you down because of there thoughts always be yourself and love what you like and BE YOURSELF and stay strong!!! Because there r people who care and love you for who you r ♥♡♥♡~Alysia gibson
  • bobo doesn't go outside and when he does hes either slaying someone or seeing a band lol
  • this is all you have and it sucks
  • Also how is capture the crown even close to the 2002-2005 popmo bands lol
  • I used to believe in bobo but now I am convinced he is a robot with a schedule to make the same post for the past 5 years.
  • the top artists made me poop my pants
  • Bring me my 2007th.
  • Mid 00s Hot Topic Emo really needs to come back. All my friends from high school who used to listen to it with me either lost interest entirely or only listen to the old stuff on a nostalgia kick and don't even follow the current scene. We need some fresh talent. I mean bands like Crown The Empire and Sleeping With Sirens are doing it right, but that's more of a Mid00sCore revival than a Mall Emo revival. We need new bands influenced by So They Say or Halifax.
  • "Emo was a mistake." - Gerard Way
  • did you even conslut [2] we can just agree a emo band requires an internally tormented lead singer who romanticizes depression and is good looking lol [2]
  • suicide is emo? you don't get it. actually killing yourself is as far from emo as you can get. did you even conslut washed up emo did make that for it to be ignored.
  • this address should be included in the genre's wiki, so that everybody could find out, before tagging :v
  • if anyone had any doubts yet
  • If anyone had any doubts yet
  • Don't miss this one t00,
  • now let's kiss and make up to some armor for sleep
  • Rather I should say the kids listening to emo started listening to something else, but still wanted to be in with emo. I doubt the bands themselves actually care. Other than mineral who seem to call themselves emo lol.
  • There are two kinds of people who misuse emo. The ones who are so into some misused and seemingly obscure genre to the point where they don't want to look like they listen to anything that isn't it so they start to throw it onto anything that displays the slightest connection. I'm pretty convinced that's how midwest emo came to be. Kids who liked emo started to play something else along side emo bands, but they still wanted to be "in" with them. The other group are just ones that don't know any better mostly due to the other group reigning supreme. Stand up...we can fight against them...
  • the i hate myself bio once said "a midwest emo band from florida." That's how useless that term is lol
  • Alo the closest he got was with his "original DC sound." Everything else is so far from emo. Pop punk leaning emo? I'd assume he means modern baseball in which case I hope he finds jesus very soon in his life.
  • Did bobo make up a new genre while smoking a fat one? Shitty core? Awesome. Maybe I will try lighting one up soon, but don't tell Ian.
  • Johnny Cash, Muse, and Nirvana should be the top 3. [2]
  • strongly disagree
  • shocking, i know
  • My Chemical Romance? The fuck...
  • strongly disagree
  • most misused tag ever
  • against
  • you know when someone is new around in these parts when they try to talk again the teachings of bobo9390. yo, pass me another blunt.
  • bobo9390, trying to encapsulate rock music in such tiny and non-musical related "genres" or "tags" is the embarrassing and clearly childish, meaningless activity here. I mean, if you want to complicate such a simple thing as rock music to the extreme of carefully separating at least three different forms of rock and then refering to all of them three the same way ("emo"), then it's ok, do it, but don't punch me when I laugh at it.
  • there are many different sounds to emo, but you only listed one real one
  • AloPunk I agree because there's so many different styles of emo. You have the original DC sound, the midwestern/twinkly sound, the post-hardcore leaning sound, the pop punk leaning sound, etc.


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