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  • @TheWrathofThor goths eat our dicks.
  • @GriendClub если в нойзе или грайндкоре нету мелодии, то это ещё не значит, что это не музыка
  • Foresterregn@ нойз - не музыка, грайндкор - антимузыка."высокоинтеллектуальная музыка" - это как?
  • They should just call this dance music for goths.
  • happy EBM day!
  • @GriendClub а гриндкор и нойз это очень высокоинтеллектуальная музыка.
  • О стиле узнал из журнала Billboard за сентябрь какого-то года, там писали, что это хуйня для долбаёбов, и, я в принципе согласен.
  • Ritual Nights Party Poland:
  • EBM Electro-Industrial and more jammed into one melodic experience.
  • cold siberian darkwave/electro-industrial helmynthe presents new LP "под слоем хитина".
  • Listen to free streaming EBM music, 24/7 at Shadows Radio :
  • It must suck for a fan of Old School EBM to find stuff from the genres that descended from it being listed as EBM too :( Still though, its one heck of a kickass badass genre family!
  • cold greetings from Siberia
  • And One very nice
  • Love.
  • good
  • Diverje is a must listen.
  • Unser Tanz ist voller Macht
  • The new VNV song "Retaliate" is brilliant. [url=]Free download too.[/url]
  • nahh sinthpop is better
  • Electronic music for dumb Metalheads. [3]
  • Ha. Good luck finding out what EBM actually is!
  • Pronounced: "Eh-Behm" ;)
  • EBM is so strong that it must be GAY
  • Electronic music for dumb Metalheads. [2]
  • fb London group:
  • Es grenzt schon arg an IDIOTIE, wie Tagg-geil viele Nutzer hier sind: Alles, was dem INDUSTRIAL zuzuordnen ist, wird ebenso als EBM getaggt, und umgekehrt. Dadurch verschwimmen diese beiden Begriffe und Niemand blickt mehr durch, was jetzt was ist.
  • EBM faz parte de mim!!!
  • Nobody is harmless.
  • Мир тёмной музыки
  • Rational Youth - Wir Tanzen auf der Berliner Mauer --->
  • actually pretty harmless genre. listen to rap music for real industrial music.
  • Maybe you like these tracks:
  • Full length release from The Backwards Funeral now available. Low priced so that even the penny pinchers may find interest.
  • actually pretty harmless genre. listen to rock music for real industrial music.
  • dream poperz
  • That was my first love...
  • actually pretty harmless genre. listen to real industrial music for real industrial music.
  • why the fuck is no comment tagged as EBM? they're fucking power violence....
  • mhm...
  • <3
  • I don't even.


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