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  • Avatar för gnarlyhotep
    East coast is about serious b-boy intelligent lyrics with big fat beats. West coast is about that party mentality and some slow dope rhymes. For the most part.
  • Avatar för GodofDeathMetal
    I have lived on the east coast my whole life and east coast rap is near and dear to me. However, I'm more of a [tag]west coast rap[/tag] fan.
  • Avatar för Jwallawine
    New west coast vibe that'll get you lifted check Rae out! http://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.reverbnation.com%2Fq%2F56kbkn&h=UAQGNrSh2&enc=AZPqQJ0rKF0Ok5UVJVjSUUpOZ3hSmvW_IIXOohp7n8Z-tzzo1RQfrAzCyG0mY6YHoy76Gjx2r5kk_Pf3zeFoH9BZvHzI_-d0SoeeGRn-jdsxkBmHMyiAEwBarlUyJ2vNL7inc1SKyCWOLEi8I4dBMefW&s=1
  • Avatar för Porpse
  • Avatar för jae__moon
    jalbertdowdenii who the fuck are you talking to???
  • Avatar för KilwaK
    The funny af putting K.dot on east coast rap
  • Avatar för jalbertbowdenii
    east coast hip hop doesn't have a distinctive "sound"...per say; or rather, not one that is congruent throughout. whereas west coast can be categorized as g funk, or having funk elements and synthesizers, east coast is more about flow and lyrical domination. domination, as in dexterity, battles, etc. i think east coast is "more grimey" or gangsta, but that's just my opinion. west-coast had tons of gangsta rappers...but east coast (imo) is much more raw, not as synthetic. hip-hop started on the east coast and if you listen enough you'll be able to pick artists out by where they are from. sounds vague and lame, but i can do it.
  • Avatar för ivanonti
    @uzpurne East Coast Hip-Hop is simply Hip-Hop that came from the East Coast, such as New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland or Virginia..
  • Avatar för uzpurne
    The description still doesn't help me understand what the style is about : (
  • Avatar för negobrahma
    notorius east coast

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