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  • dubstep is just noise.... dont take that the wrong way...I love dubstep! but the fact of the matter is if you were to take any single beat and play it by itself it wouldnt be considered music by 99% of the population. fun to dance too and even greater to drive too
  • The most abused tag ever
  • I love the fact that I always see this tag on songs that are not dubstep. That's the magic of a site without any moderation, I guess...
  • fun fact is neither burial nor skrillex fit in the strict definition of dubstep [3]
  • nowadays waste genre
  • this is what the hatred of music sounds like.
  • dead =(
  • Freakshow and Hold It Against Me by the one and only Britney Spears ♥
  • fun fact is neither burial nor skrillex fit in the strict definition of dubstep [2]
  • fun fact is neither burial nor skrillex fit in the strict definition of dubstep
  • best thing happened to music
  • le epic srkilleX
  • If you go outside most people only think about Skrillex and brostep drops when they hear the word dubstep. Maybe my first comment shouldn't go here but that's the truth.
  • I see, but I don't completely get your point. Burial is currently probably the most popular dubstep artist on (as you can see, he is №1 in the top of this tag now and his top track (Archangel) has more plays in weekly charts than Skrillex's top track. Not to mention Burial's popularity in other communities and medias. Do you really think most of these people who condemn dubstep never heard about Burial? I would understand if you'd offer something really new and unknown as opposite to all this Skrillex-like stuff. So why am I writing all this bullshit? Just because this Burial vs Skrillex war is already getting on nerves.
  • @CriticalSwitch I respect that you don't like it; my comment just goes to all the completely annoying people saying that dubstep is shit and they only know Skrillex. I just want them to know that there are other things in dubstep.
  • Cut the crap please, no one denies that good dubstep exists, but it's definitely not Burial (neither Skrillex, of course). Yes, Burial does have a little bit of decent tracks, but overall he is fucking overhyped, especially in these ubiquitous hipster communities. I'm so damn sick of hearing about how good he is. I just don't see what's so good about transvestite-like annoying voice samples combined with very mediocre lo-fi ambient.
  • To dubstep haters: I understand you hate all the drop-the-bass brostep stuff, but please, check out the other styles of dubstep before criticize it as a whole. Burial is one of the greatest artists of all time and his music is beautiful and completely different to Skrillex's.
  • [tag]weed in the bed[/tag] / [tag]weed in the shower[/tag] / [tag]Cocaine in the bed[/tag]
  • worst thing happened to music
  • dat sheet suckz
  • i i can't can't STOP . . .
  • Burial is a genius and makes gorgeous music. [5]
  • Burial is a genius and makes gorgeous music. [4]
  • Burial is a genius and makes gorgeous music. [3]
  • Burial is a genius and makes gorgeous music.
  • Burial is overrated.
  • Lol, Burial just as bad
  • You haters take a listen to Burial and get the fuck out.
  • Cancer of electronic music.
  • Sounds of transformers getting anal sex [3]
  • Sounds of transformers getting anal sex [2]
  • sls
    i like the wubs
  • true dubstep !
  • that dubstep thing was a short hype.
  • Stop tagging every electronic track to dubstep. You should learn what dubstep really is before you start tagging shit >| [9]
  • Sounds of transformers getting anal sex
  • Skrillex being #1? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  • @industriaFAN, you clearly have not listened to russian rap.
  • Burial number one
  • Low-iq music
  • More tracks on my new Youtube Channel : Enjoy and subscribe ;) Music is...YourThirdLung
  • The "-step" postfix was originally used to label mid-to-late 90s drum and bass stuff ([tag]techstep[/tag], [tag]hardstep[/tag] etc.). But alright, who gives a fuck, cuz now it's all dubstep (which was invented in the early 00s, lol).
  • @LYSVDVNG That's fair enough, I'd agree with that it's better to contain the types of "-step" under just dubstep.
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  • @TheDeanMachine1 understandable but that wasn't what I was referring to, i meant more the endless 'what kind of -step' it is wars you occasionally see on certain pages
  • It's not that it's an Umbrella term for types of Dubstep, it's the fact people are tagging everything Electronic from House to Drum & Bass "dubstep", it's annoying.


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