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  • I think dubstep is less headachy than indie pop rockers and metal. But it's just my opinion.
  • well, i appreciate the reply, and yeah i certainly will go listen to Burial, though i certainly don't think hardcore bands have nothing to say- there is a lot of politics in hardcore music and often they are prepared to fight for causes that are controversial (Veganism/ the whole straight edge business, for example). as for metal, i love it, but admittedly it doesn't shape the way people think, it's just that there is so much energy and musical talent in it. as for all the indie pop-rockers, they don't really deserve defending lol i'll go with you on that one, i just find them much less headachy than dubstep. plus i'm a real lyrics fan which doesn't help for me like d 'n b obviously.
  • *I mean "you talk about dubstep being the music of a cultural wasteland" rather than "you talk about cultural wasteland being the music of a cultural wasteland". :P
  • I don't think it is. Even though it is disputed, listen to some Burial. The song "In McDonalds" or "Night Bus" both have lots and lots of soul & emotion. Brilliance even. You talk about a cultural wasteland being the music of a cultural wasteland? No, I think it's simply describing it, and using it as a stimulus. The shite that floods the charts - various American Disney stars, the various British indie-pop-rockers, the dull shoegazers and the dumb hardcore/metal scene; that is the music of a cultural wasteland, where music just stands for something to be played in the background and not to be appreciated.
  • This is the end of music. it's worse than the most obnoxious grime, worse than the most cliched, misogynistic hard-man rap, worse than hair metal, worse than chart r and b, worse than manufactured boyband dirges. This is the music of a cultural wasteland. Where talent can be found in it, it's doubly tragic, because that talent could have been used for a billion more worthy causes. This is music without a soul.
  • Dubstep in 2009! Watch out World!
  • jamierattigan speaks the truth. the genre is still evolving, and burial's sound is a part of that evolution.
  • Hi! Level 67, Talented Dubstep dude from Sweden! Check out Tell me if you like it. We hustle the Swedish the dubscen!
  • Dubstep is fun but Glitch Hop is sexy.
  • and where is christine vaccine?:(
  • I do not like dubstep with vocals!
  • Free tracks FTW
  • Amazing!
  • Burial @ not typical dubstep but still dubstep, gtfo.
  • do want
  • Top dubstep artist on the site....not actualy dubstep?!? what a scandal !! ...but 'untrue'. rofl regardless Burial is amazing.
  • We love bass!
  • womp womp
  • бур-бур-бур)
  • davwuh
  • Well, only because he is a dubstep artist, typical dubstep is not anything cos there are big variants in the genre, just like in any genre.
  • kah boo boo boom is Burial typical dubstep?
  • pam pam
  • Naooo
  • Woob woob woob woooooooooob


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