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  • @hysteriaman People do that with every tag because it's fun to annoy twats like you.
  • if u like slow music join this group
  • dig this crazy drone attack, man:
  • Stupid faggots added Justin Bieber, Stephanie Yanez, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Tarkan
  • Drone/Noise/Slowcore/Avant-garde/Ambient inspired.
  • Morgue Of Saints - Sleep/Death: Available as free d(r)ownload from Drowning - drone doom netlabel here:
  • Not a fan of it, but Suun O))) and Boris are really good ^^
  • Drrroooooooooooooooooo))))))))))))))))))))))))))nnnnnnneeee
  • @AaronlsCrunchy I guess I'm one of those people that doesn't get. Maybe one day I will, but my point of the comment is: Hahaha Justin Bieber in recently added section!
  • Drowning - drone & doom netlabel:
  • [url][/url]
  • Let's be honest, not everyone's gonna get drone. Fortunately for me, I do :)
  • check up funeral doom / drone band from Belarus!
  • check this out.. the band called / / \ // // it reminds me Sunn O)))))
  • The point is that it sounds cool.
  • @nokado simple. you want to hear the sounds of the apocalypse as a fridge would tell it? drone metal. I fucking love drone metal.
  • So what's the point?
  • "I head-bang to this type of music. " Must be really slow head banging to keep in rhythm xD
  • stupid tag for it's not metal
  • My review:
  • I head-bang to this type of music.
  • Some of it is, some of it isn't.
  • is this even metal? seriously
  • needs to be listened to insanely loud to "get it"
  • @redgrave9: You piece of shit. Try opening your mind a little more, look outside of your shitty music.
  • This genre has so many fucking haters! Its like abstract paintings, but with music. What's so fucking bad about that? At least it has originality unlike some subgenres of metal
  • I adore this combination of noise and metal. <3
  • is a joke? why?
  • I am only new to the genre but damn, Sunn O))) BLO)))WS MY MIND!
  • Наотличненько!
  • Good genre, though i wouldn't listen to it everyday.
  • I am new in the genre, but amazed by its depht , think I will love it
  • I'm just getting into this genre. I'm really enjoying listening to Sunn O))). I find it helps if you don't approach them in the same way you would approach most metal. It's meant to be atmospheric. It's not something you just sit and listen to and try to analyze.
  • Hello!) We are Tectum (death-doom/dark metal) band from Ukraine) listen our first debut demo and leave comment, if it is interesting stuff)then download,scrobble:)
  • Sunn 0))) is brilliant.
  • If you don't enjoy this genre, then stay the fuck out. Faggots
  • Sunn O))) scarred me for life
  • SECO)))ND PO)))ST
  • Fridge Repairmen!

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