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  • Shame to see the lack of dream pop in here :(
  • lofi piano, vocals, pretty sad
  • <3
  • blouse/ wild smiles/ craft spells/ minks/ swim deep
  • Sky! <3
  • Mazzy Star Felling
  • almost as meaningless as indie
  • Dreamy loops!
  • give it a listen, free download! :)
  • v Sky Ferreira is not dream pop, some people tagged her like 'dream pop', but they are wrong
  • really? Sky Ferreira is dream pop? Nice to know.
  • [tag]dream pop[/tag] please!
  • que monada!
  • If Anyone's interested,please listen to
  • If Anyone's interested there's a Group for A.R. Kane
  • Umm. Cocteau twins didn't coin the term Dreampop A.R. Kane did, but The Cocteau Twins were a big influence on them so by default The Cocteau Twins are the original Dreampop group ;-)
  • New single of Serbian band Vranorod, pop music with melancholy, shoegaze... you name it :D
  • cocteau twins - its magic <3
  • This should be deprecated and replaced by which has more people tagging it
  • fuckin' cocteau twins! yes!
  • Wheres's my bloody valentine....
  • La Roux ain't no dreampop.
  • My vote is for Claire Voyant
  • Cocteau Twins = best band
  • wat
  • wat

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