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  • ATR sucks // moshpit, shizit, rabbit junk - nice [3] I still like ATR, but I agree that these other bands are a lot better at digital hardcore.
  • industrial synth punk -
  • Y'all suck, me first [666]
  • ATR sucks // moshpit, shizit, rabbit junk - nice [2]
  • ATR sucks // moshpit, shizit, rabbit junk - nice
  • Innovative
  • shizuo motherfuckers
  • Where is in this music hardcore punk?
  • Love this tag.
  • russian post-industrial formation:
  • Looking not directly but kinda at the camera-core
  • lololololololol
  • I`m loving it ;)
  • yep!
  • круче Moshpit из Digitala я еще ниче не встречал..
  • Как говорит Алек из Atari Teenage Riot "digital hardcore" - это гитарные сэмплы, дистортированные брэйк-битовые барабаны, крики и все очень шумно.
  • Moshpit!!!! Burn in Hell!!!
  • Hey! check out my FREE music. It's Experimental, noise, electronic, digital hardcore, and electro-punk. If you like FREE Music... head on over to my music page! ^_^
  • Rabbit Junk (=
  • digital hardcore does that too but yeah digital hardcore is best thought of as a mutant breakcore form with strong elements of noise or rock (though sometimes it's more like hardcore than breakcore depending on the artist)
  • It's not exactly the same as breakcore. Breakcore is more destroying the "normal" rhythmical elements while digital hardcore is dominated by distortion and also a great influence of guitar and punk. but the both have much in common.
  • Marilyn Monroe, Greatest Hits Remixed? Hmmmmmm....
  • чио за..
  • Interesting...
  • Drumcorps should top this.
  • what is the difference between this and breakcore? To me it's the same
  • yes
  • Сладкий бред в мои уши....
  • Я слышу тут больше исполнителей Harcore и GAbber но не Digital Hardcore т.к DHC это hardcore punk +electronic music.
  • Rabbit junk ftw! ;P
  • cool!!
  • Mudvayne? Dx
  • Angerfist ? xD
  • the best crossover between hardcore punk and hardcore electronics

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