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  • ʄ≜uxmuℭica - THE NEW M◭50N5 EP 7 tracks [35:42]
  • electroclash is pure art.
  • outdated hipster is an oxymoron, budddda, so if you follow the rules of logic you will find yourself being a hipster
  • ooh ah, I have forgotten word -clubbing-, electroclash was sooooo big, but hey witch house and chillwave are here to gaze us out and newbreed us and gucci goth us in completely different manner, fuck yeah, just hope this tag will grow independently and anachronistically enough to provide me with old club thing when I need it.
  • [tag]dark disco[/tag]
  • Ẅ̛͎̹̮̱̱͇̗́͒̃͋̓̚͘͝ͅi̵̼͙͔͔̣̎̎̓ͤ̈͛͐͞͡ţ̴͙͍̣͍̎̄ͧ̿č̗͉̬ͧh [artist]fauxmusica[/artist] Ẅ̛͎̹̮̱̱͇̗́͒̃͋̓̚͘͝ͅi̵̼͙͔͔̣̎̎̓ͤ̈͛͐͞͡ţ̴͙͍̣͍̎̄ͧ̿č̗͉̬ͧh ▲ 2010 DISCOGRAPHY ▼ ‡‡‡ ‡‡‡
  • hey dwarvendub fuck off!!
  • i get the gist but the concept makes my head hurt
  • wtf?

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