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  • I can't say I agree with the majority of the top albums by listener counts! Come on people, you gotta break away from that mainstream mindset!
  • Can't believe Count Your Blessings is the most listened deathcore album on lastfm
  • All Shall Perish too.
  • Like Dahlia Murder
  • v Swag fags are awesome actually. Just look at the cheesy comments there. The only people who make fun of them are tough people or No Fun Club members. Why in the world do non-swag fags act like their opinions on the subject matter? They don't even live the lifestyle.
  • [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVfiIMQCfoc]Damn, so tough looking.[/url]
  • Are you kidding dude? Deathcore and slam are the 2 most tough guy metal niches. Any time you go to a deathcore gig you are bound to find bros, which you wouldn't find at a heavy metal, black metal, death metal gig etc.
  • I like that Deathcore lets kids enjoy heavy music without the tough guy aspects. I believe in the old adage that children should be scene, not hard.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baJ_cOzOOfI
  • Link to your dictionary, Kaiser_19?
  • They aren't wannabe kvlt kids. They're true non-kvlt kids. And I wouldn't say it's a cheap imitation of Death Metal. It's Deathcore, not Death Metal. Just look at the name of the tag. You got some learning to do, child.
  • You don't know shit, deathcore doesn't even have a similar ethos to death metal and doesn't try to be death metal in any way. It's so far from trying to be 'kvlt' that I don't even know where to start with your post.
  • Deathcore = cheap imitation of Death Metal made by wannabe kvlt kids who think they are cool and heavy as fuck when they ''play'' poorly the guitar with retarded and overused breakdowns that are filled with mediocrity and plastical/artificial production sound. That's the definition of Deathcore in my dictionary
  • "gaycore when will be create" This is it. Most Deathcore fans are annoying fags like me.
  • gaycore when will be create ?
  • @Maquina_Muerte: Closest thing I can think of is Chelsea Grin's drummer who basically is a second vocalist.
  • Now that you mention it, I don't think there are.
  • I just realized something.... are there like any deathcore bands at all that have a vocalist that also plays the guitar live ? or do such deathcore bands not exist for some reason ?
  • An estonian deathcore band just released their new EP called "Unmasked", check it out! http://www.last.fm/music/Abandoned+Elysium https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZQau0j5uXE
  • Only poseurs are scared of the word Deathcore. [2]
  • v truth right there. Only poseurs are scared of the word Deathcore.
  • thank you to all the deathcore bands who realize what they play and don't claim to play "hardcore" just because they think the name deathcore is "for gay emos" even if flatbrim jockbros who play pseudo-hardcore tend to be emotionally unstable white trash who will end up in prison. I salute you, deathcore bands who know they play deathcore and aren't ashamed of it, no matter how I feel about your genre <3
  • v that was actually a pretty good mashup.
  • [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVYu9XFgI44&feature=youtu.be]LMAO[/url]
  • Just a joke
  • I like All Shall Perish and Caliban!
  • Хоспаде вас што ебет штоле?? У меня за такое убивают нахер11
  • v exactly
  • lol heavy metal is false deathcore, =P
  • v I've still never figured out why Deathcore being False Metal is relevant. As long as it's real Deathcore, that's really the crucial part. You don't hear people trashing Metal for being False Deathcore even though it's an equally valid argument. So I don't see how it could possibly apply in the reverse scenario.
  • Metal > False death emo core.
  • [url=http://ct.fra.bz/il/fz/se/i59/5/9/8/f_fa0a8fc348.jpg]n00bs, n00bs everywhere![/url]
  • Ah, I see, a bunch of n00bs then :P.
  • Those fans of deathcore don't know the difference between deathcore and metalcore when tagging. It's like tagging death metal bands with black metal and vise versa, in fact people DO that too. I won't argue that some Deathcore bands borrows elements from brutal death metal, but it mostly depends on the band, sometimes they'll borrow from death metal and metalcore. Then again people mistag death metal bands as brutal death metal.
  • I mean for example, take bands with the most identifiable tropes for deathcore Suicide Silence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=312Sb-2PovA which focuses on making the vocals very clear, and honing in a very specific message to live your life. While something like Cannibal Corpse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNhN6lT-y5U it's harder to understand what is being said, and when you do read the lyrics it's about fantasizing about killing somebody (when this is something you would probably ever do hopefully.) I'm being a bit simplistic but, that's the general gist of it to me.
  • They fundamentally have different foundations and ethos, I mean you mention Suicide Silence and there are straight up jumpdafuqup nu-metal riffs in their music that is everything a death metal fan would be against. You are exclusively focusing on the sonic extremity, when there is more to it then that. Deathcore borrows from hardcore in it's tangible lyrical concepts for one (self-ownership, politics leaning towards liberalism and or libertarian-ism etc.) While death metal is usually more ambiguous in themes surrounded in mysticism or abstracts (or to purposefully go into morally condemn-able topics.)
  • Like always this shoutbox is filled with comedic blasphemy
  • Deathcore has more in common with metalcore than it does brutal death metal.....in the early days it was close to half and half. Most bands in the genre don't even cite that genre is a primary influence, let alone it's fans usually know very little about brutal death metal so i'm not sure what you're talking about.
  • v Halford's singing is good, but it's not true pig/dog vocals so he majorly fails in that regard
  • Rob Harltfod don't need to singing like a pig/dog to be a Metal God
  • worst genre of music ever
  • oceano - depths is the best deathcore album ever
  • Could someone pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase remove BMTH from this page
  • Despised Iconcore revival 2017 will happen


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