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  • Avatar för ThrashGangsters
    Check out ThrashGangsters new video clip "Terror Has Begun" http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ASElY8nkIxw
  • Avatar för Woodgod
    Yes, but some death metal bands are "thrashier" than others. No one would call Incantation death/thrash, for example.
  • Avatar för zmstevens
    All death metal has thrash influence...
  • Avatar för Ephiros
    more like black/thrash
  • Avatar för BlackTormentor
    Sepultura 1985-86 was death-thrash
  • Avatar för METALLER1992
    Vader, Legion of the damned, Dew-Scented! But what sepultura dying here?
  • Avatar för hcfan
    i hate how original death metal gets labeled as death-thrash metal. it's death metal you fucks!
  • Avatar för maxhardcore666
    Defleshed and Massive Assault
  • Avatar för LStasss
    Why not Vader?
  • Avatar för Dyomaeth

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