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  • Death/Funeral Doom Label & Record Distribution
  • Death/Doom metal, Ukraine.
  • [artist]Tectum[/artist] - [tag]dark metal[/tag]/[tag]death-doom metal[/tag] band from [place]Ukraine[/place]. New album [album artist=Tectum]Path to Eternity[/album] is out now. Listen, scrobble;) some preview: [track artist=Tectum]Scorn, Greed, Damn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A liar among us[/track] [track artist=Tectum]A poem about lost past[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Splitted Soul[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Autumn[/track] [track artist=Tectum]My Path to Eternity[/track] [track artist=Tectum]Outro[/track] download mp3 192k: order CD: [label]Endless Winter[/label]
  • where is Asphyx ?!
  • Hi, fellow doomsters! If you're into doom/death metal, check out my band's debut @ (released by Solitude Productions). Thank you! Doom on \m/
  • Join [group]Progressive Doom Metal[/group]
  • ZİGGURAT............ Yeni sarkı Ziggurat - Bootleg adresinden dinleyebilirsiniz........... Yeni sarkı,klip Ziggurat - Rise adresinden izleyebilirsiniz......... Yeni klip Ziggurat - Curse Cok Yakında.......... 12.kayıt Çok yakında.......... _________________ ZİGGURAT ------ ------ ------ ----- ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------
  • Hello, we are a death/doom metal band from Poland. Our first demo is out now and free to download from Myspace: Enjoy!:)
  • I like how Lady Gaga and the Jonas Brothers are under recently added for every single fucking extreme metal tag..............

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