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Darkwave är en musikgenre och vidareutveckling av "New Wave" och uppstod under det sena 70-talet. Darkwave är även nära relaterat till Goth Rock.




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  • yaaaaaaass gaga, come through queen
  • Darkwave is a legit term (used since the 80s, especially in the German area) and definitely not the reason why everyone hates goth. The reason for that are dumb “alternative” magazines and labels trying to sell their crap like Blutengel or Cybergoff-techno as gawfick or darkwave. I'd personally would see darkwave mostly as an umbrella term –than a genre– for dark, elegic music that developed within the 80s new wave movement. You can split it into subgenres like Ethereal, Neoclassical or Electrowave if you will, but for some bands finding a legit genre tag can be hard – in that case the darkwave term can be very handy.
  • @runoflife got a Point I have myself nerver understand "Darkwave" it's somewhat a very missplaced hybrid....I dig one song by clan of xymox and a few tracks by Das Ich but that's it.
  • Ritual Nights Party Poland:
  • Free-to-download single from Shoegaze/Industrial tinged Post-Punk band
  • trials
  • cold siberian darkwave/electro-industrial helmynthe presents new LP "под слоем хитина".
  • Hey guys! Check out our first EP "Obsession", available on BandCamp! Band: Vox Insana (Alternative / Coldwave / Darkwave / Electro) Thanks ! :)
  • Listen to free streaming Darkwave music, 24/7 at Shadows Radio :

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