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  • Sôl Austan, Mâni Vestan is the best!!!
  • Autharktos - Apatheia (2015, RMH)
  • [url removed] Please be welcomed to check our music. We are Polish band, inspired by darkwave/dark ambient/coldwave music.
  • Please keep in mind; something has to be both dark and ambient to be considered "dark ambient". Being only one of those just doesn't cut it. I even come across a lot of tracks on this radio that are NEITHER. It's really not that complicated of a genre to figure out, guys.
  • New ambient/dark ambient music project:
  • Please, is there any download blog of dark ambient?
  • Dark Ambient project worth checking out, EPOCH COLLAPSE. Here's a track for starters -
  • If you like ambient or dark ambient, you should listen this
  • [url=] Angst Session[/url]
  • It is delight to announce Autharktos´ brand new issue Hellanschauung is out now. It continues to trudge across the landscapes of psycho-acoustic, drone, experimental electronic, noise, ambient, found sound, sound-art, glitched-out seeds, improvised music and many more compartments. These sounds are permeated with "errors", "dysfunctional" elements as flipsides of the artist`s playfulness and irony. As with previous albums so far the release can be downloaded at following sites:
  • Silcharde Free Download on my official bandcamp! Check!
  • Enjoy how the celestial waves morph into a cosmic sound. Follow and feel the Inner Blind Sun:
  • A new track from the ambiental noise project Icy Petiole - Orgasm In a Coma. I would like you to check it out, so you go completely insane and I collect your soul.
  • Listen my new ambient/dark ambient melody on Bandcamp: More Diropel on Facebook:
  • This is a new free track from amniental glitch noise project Icy Petiole. It is disturbing and sick in the head, and I would like you to listen to it and to go insane.
  • https//
  • My dark ambient/industrial project If you like it or cannot listen, write me a message. I'll send you all tracks on e-mail.
  • Oriental melodies, something of jazz, a bit of ethnic and renounced ambient. Very eclectic work. free download
  • My new album [url=]The Engineers[/url] On Bandcamp! Free Download!
  • Feel to hearing my new musical project Ambient / Dark Ambient
  • Hi I'm a new dark ambient/drone artist, just put out this thing. thanks for checking it out if you do, much appreciated.
  • Free-to-download single from Shoegaze/Industrial tinged Post-Punk band
  • Listen my new ambient/dark ambient release on Bandcamp:
  • GriendClub ахааххаха. Дарк эмбиент под водочку самое то :))
  • [artist]Snake Surikov[/artist] (Dark Ambient) bandcamp:
  • Free to download:
  • darker atmospheric / ambient guitar looping stuff
  • Что такое дарк эмбент?Это стиль состоящий из парадоксов, когда эмоции не навязаны искусственно будь-то ритмом, вокалом или текстами.Это когда ты слышишь самый минимум, а испытываешь самый максимум.Это когда при всей своей монотонности и похожести ДА бывает на столько разный (сравнить маерор три и зовьет франс).Это то что мы слушаем под водочку.
  • lord krepelka - Akhamoris(2014) Ritual dances of prehistoric times, pleasant sound collages, and simply enveloping ambient.
  • always the same with this genre. you find an interesting artist, you look at some photos and then you go like.. oh no, not a necrophile rapist childeater again...
  • New december 2014 - Ambient / Atmospheric Instrumental solo project from Spain. Download free: Bandcamp & Mega Link - -!hkVHHbZI!f6WJlPmauB0fZsYC9QzTc3-hDqIzNuBcN08IAoas2TY
  • PLUMARINO - Experimental duo music from Alagoas, Brazil:
  • Nerij (Italy) - Dark Ambient/Experimental - 31, October 2014 - "Alignment Condition" available on official Facebook: or on Mediafire:[Italy]_-_2014_-_Alignment_Condition.rar
  • Götterheimat - Martial Industrial Neofolk PLAYLIST - THANKS FOR FOLLOW ON Spotify: spotify:user:1178094219:playlist:5tDUnGlvsj7ZrzDL542LBC or
  • Dark ambient project what you've never heard about
  • <333
  • Ritual Folk Ambient / Blackened Folk Metal One-man-Band / Serbia
  • drone ambient\\ dark ambient\\ instrumental\\ dark jazz
  • Dark Electronic duo from Virginia
  • Kostki srebrny krzyż na lewej ręce - "Między cyframi"
  • lord krepelka & Zemermann - Reincarnation (dark ambient\\drone\\ambient) free download
  • Rest You Sleeping Giant - To Ashes [drone/ambient/]
  • check this download on description
  • [tag]Isolationism[/tag] is a better tag for this stuff
  • burzu + nox arcana


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