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  • Deus Ex's music so low.
  • This tag is a bit of a joke tbh. Grendel should be the top artist.
  • heavy synth punk from L.A. -
  • Einsturzende Neubauten - Armenia
  • This is truly something that deserves this tag: the atmosphere in this music is like made for a cyberpunk movie! [2] agreed on that one!
  • Access to Arasaka cyberpunk ??? LOL :D @ElectroPeter -> Blade Runner music by Vangelis is pure electronic and nothing to do with ebm...
  • Cyberpunk's not dead.
  • Cyberpunk is a descriptor, not a music genre, bands tagged as 'Cyberpunk' are always involved into EBM/Electro-Industrial/Industrial, that kind of genres. Films with a cyberpunk theme like Blade Runner, use EBM, etc. That's why this tag exist, not a genre.
  • If you were to break it down as a genre, it would be a few bands. If you analyze the bands that are contained within it, you'd notice it's everything from EDM to industrial. It's more of a theme than a genre.

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