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  • Mun...cipial :D
  • Короче салат
  • wena cabros culiaos chupen la pencassssssssssssssssss
  • Check one of my last rapcore remix here
  • "Artist photo: Linkin Park" - D'wah? O_o[2]
  • Hey, please check out my band Rage Grapes :)
  • hey everyone!!check it out ! ONE STATE (check & download ) thax for support and sorry for spam \m/
  • We just released this single last week, check it out!
  • I see these charts are well kept as Municpal waste is at the top.
  • Nuclear Assault>S.OD.>D.R.I.
  • !!!!!!! please check out this new austrian trashcore band !!!!!!!
  • Cerebral Ballzy is not Thrashcore, is Hardcore old school. Thrashcore are Ceremony's first 2 LPs, Trash Talk, Thrashington DC, etc; and Crossover Thrash are MW, DRI, SOD...
  • great demo from Menthrass, polish thrash/death/groove metal band, let's download FREE.
  • So, thrashcore = common enemy, cerebral ballzy, trash talk, and crossover thrash = Municipal, PxPxCx, DRI?
  • - webdesign for metal bands :)
  • This accounts for too many genres, i'm sorry, not an efficient category AT ALL.
  • "This place is done" went well, so it will be featured until the end of March. You can hear "This place is done" at"Filo"+Phillips .If you like what you hear, tell others!
  • Hi. You should listen to "This place is done". It's a classical crossover. You can hear "This place is done" at"Filo"+Phillips
  • Crossover thrash hardcore metal... from Brasil
  • Crossover trash. Wannabehardcore metallic shit for drips.
  • What is this joke, most of this band should be banned from the earth. With some exceptions though.
  • Check out my band Beyond The Mist. We have just recorded our demo. I play bass BTW:) If you want some HQ mp3: (I advise - I personally produced it at home:) cheers:) I'd love to hear your impression:)
  • Crossover on its own is pretty vague. Thrash + Hardcore = Crossover Thrash.
  • MadThrasher678 no
  • @ MORBID_JOKES : Tags aren't genres.
  • Hardcore Punk + Thrash Metal = Crossover
  • to timuric - yeah, absolutely right.
  • Why crossover is used only for metal on lastfm? Normally crossover is like fusion but has mixes of totally different genres like in bands Estradaspheare or Mr. Bungle
  • Actually this shitty metal genre is the combination of punk and thrash metal, which kinda appeared 30 years ago so it has been established as a genre for a prety long time you know.
  • crossover =/= some shitty metal genre
  • lets examine the difference in tags. thrashcore = trendy crossover thrash = the fucking shit<<<<<<<< smash your head of the wall, asshole! Your ain't have an idea what is thrashcore
  • Names change as generations do, fair enough. But comparing Kverlertak and MW is just bizarre? Have you ever heard Kvelertak?
  • Thrashcore is related to crossover, but just a few bands. Like MW or kvelertak
  • lets examine the difference in tags. thrashcore = trendy crossover thrash = the fucking shit
  • And What About Emil Bulls, Playmo and Biohazard???
  • please clean up this tag. this is pathetic.
  • Similar tags are a headbanger's nightmare.
  • Thrash/HardCore
  • Crossover either means mixing metal with rap or thrash metal with punk/hardcore influences.
  • Crossover Is Back!
  • [group]Headbangers That Are All About Metal[/group] does help to link it
  • "Headbangers That Are All About Metal" group check it out :)
  • Crossover is genre made of few existing genres, or genre/genres expanded. It doesn't have one simple meaning. Clear?
  • thrashcore or fuck off. [2]
  • thrashcore or fuck off.
  • I think RATM is punk-bluegrassmetal
  • Theres a crossover thrash tag, isn't there? Maybe this one is for both rap metal and crossover-thrash. It's a pretty vague sounding genre.


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