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  • Awful music here because of faked stats of Moryson and her multiple aliases -.-
  • It is delight to announce Autharktos´ brand new issue Hellanschauung is out now. It continues to trudge across the landscapes of psycho-acoustic, drone, experimental electronic, noise, ambient, found sound, sound-art, glitched-out seeds, improvised music and many more compartments. These sounds are permeated with "errors", "dysfunctional" elements as flipsides of the artist`s playfulness and irony. As with previous albums so far the release can be downloaded at following sites:
  • New single from EeerieSounds featuring Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Remix) #Electronic #Alternative #Ambient #Noise
  • Wa Creans is Japanese music label. I recommend my label artists. Sounds like: Techno, House, soundscape, trip hop, jazz, Japanese picturesque scenery & Ambient. We are conducting a campaign to promote our free download. Relax and enjoy.
  • Hello... you love it relax, so listen here! For more!
  • Check for some free tracks!
  • Hey guys- check out Siberian electronic/idm artist [artist]HOOSTLA[/artist]. Free download available here:
  • Hello, Salut, Hallo... I have the pleasure to present you my new single “VISION” J’ai le plaisir de vous présenter mon nouveau single “VISION” Ich habe das Vergnügen, Ihnen meine neue Single “VISION” vorzustellen.
  • I am a full-blooded American that believes strongly in the freedom of expression! Music is the greatest form of expression... But how can one be free to express themselves if the sound they wish to express themselves with comes at a price? The music industry is the greatest form of injustice, forcing us to pay for someone's artful expression... that makes expression not free, right? Free the music! Free the mind to expression in great ways!!
  • Hi to ALL... Come listen to my new album "X-PLAY" electronic, lounge, chillout, funky, dance
  • Hello from Auckland NZ. You can get my first solo album In Search Of Reason here for free. My second, 'Yes, No, Sincerely', will be out later this year!
  • have a look at
  • Hi, I have the pleaser to present you my new single “On Air” = 100% relaxing and 4 free. Thx C.J.ROGERS
  • thanks being my friend. god bless u... please see our link: ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ ezu @ EZU song link:!/artist/song_details/4734302!/artist/song_details/4740144 our music clips:
  • get a free techno / dubstep EP here OR
  • FREE MUSIC HERE : [artist]Pete Vyler[/artist] Band. Just a rocknroll Disaster gig. Thanx 4 your follow
  • 5am... A moment that can happen at any time. when everything falls into place, clarity is at it’s clearest, confusion transforms into oneness and when fate… Welcomes you with open arms.
  • Hi to all. I have the pleaser to present you my recent production “SENSE” Goes from gentle-beat to lounge over ambient chillout downtempo to acidjazz, even easy listening! Feel free listen to, write a review or down load it for free, if you like! Thx C.J.ROGERS
  • billcarson is an irish lo-fi, ambient and electronic music project. All songs free to download
  • переборщили перепутав хуй с пальцем. очередной деребан мейнстрима и андеграунда. музыка то тут причем? ща породят еще одно отродье "инди" и будут пиздячить налево\направо. путь к кретинизму на меня как прямой
  • Thanks to 23 Seconds, AF-Music and C C.
  • Most of our catalog has been released under a creative commons license and is free to download from Last FM.
  • Hi, Salut, Hallo, Hola, Olá, Ciao, Привет, Witaj, …. “HOTSPOT” is my first new release 2010 goes full in direction trance dance techno...with a good portion of electrofunky & lounge ;-) Feel free listen to, write a review or down load it if you like. Thx C.J.ROGERS
  • yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  • Aupaaa la libre distribucion!!!.. Descarga y comparte!!!
  • love using the creative commons license. Didnt realise there was so much free LEGAL music out there until I delved into the creative commons license route
  • cc-by-sa: [artist]amokdrang[/artist] (skapunk), [artist]ringo vs. paul[/artist] (elektropunk)
  • 100 % Creative Commons Music: WWW.23SECONDS.ORG
  • Please, use more precise tags like cc-by-sa-30, cc-by-nc-sa, cc-by, too. [2]
  • - Creative Commons music blog.
  • want some psychedelic-folk-rock-lo-fi free albums then go here: or
  • Great artists!
  • [url][/url]
  • Nice to made free music : )
  • Free as in freedom. I love it.

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