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  • Who wants to start an OLD school CRABCORE band, influences include the ONE MORNING LEFT DEMO, OLD attack attack!, plagues era TDWP
  • We live and die by the crab
  • looooooollllloooooolllllll zoïdbergcore
  • pure comedy gold [2]
  • crabcore!!!
  • Allegaeon did it best!
  • pure comedy gold
  • @CloveArk: Powerviolence Brostep? Fits both music, poses and dance :D
  • More like crapcore.
  • penis
  • This has to be one of the stupidest genre trends of all time. [2]
  • I'm more into post-crabcore
  • This has to be one of the stupidest genre trends of all time.
  • The most respected genre of music in existence.
  • Если не Путин, то кот?
  • Govnocore
  • Lady Gaga??? :DD
  • заебись
  • hell yeah
  • crapcore, i see
  • crab crab crab
  • asking alexandria is trancecore, that's why they aren't up here. oh, and they kinda suck.
  • russian crabs - the best
  • why isn't asking alexandria here?
  • When I say I got crabs I mean it literally
  • Gay
  • tastes like crab looks like people
  • the british Attack! Attack! is up here which is wrong. Also Dream on, Dreamer with Woe, Is Me should be up here.
  • When have we started classifying music by bands physical gesticulations? Next thing you know we'll have "brutal live *grimming stroke metal", built just for bands which members had a stroke during a live show. *I have no idea if grimming actually exists as a word but it sounded as something you people would put in a tag.
  • rofl
  • Sigur Rós? o_O
  • BTBAM?!
  • I love how Paul just pops up down in the corner.. Goofballing motherfucker
  • Язькор
  • I like this tag. It allows us to group together really bad bands. But there are problems when the wrong bands get tagged.
  • What? Suicide Silence! Now i,m really pissed off
  • coritycoritycorecorecore
  • He does that head bang that he always does thats why he is in here
  • what the fuck is suicide silence doing here ?
  • whatevercore
  • facepalm
  • ololocore
  • dr.zoidbergcore
  • "lobstercore" :D
  • Yep, a genre that's totally worthless. Even worse than deathcore.
  • BTBAM and Suicide Silence? Crabcore??? [2] wtf .___.


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