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  • U2 classic rock? really?
  • ★ ★
  • Sign if you want the old back:
  • bullshit commercial hippie grandpa rock
  • Make music great again!
  • Crónica del rock (de 1905 a 2015) Una aventura por el mundo del rock, desde las primeras influencias hasta la actualidad (más de 500 canciones). La lista está, en la medida de lo posible, organizada por épocas y estilos. La selección de los temas es completamente subjetiva (lo que a mi me gusta). Salud.
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  • Ага, а еще Эрик Клэптон и Elf))
  • Марк Кнопфлер перспективный исполнитель, ха ) Ну да, потенциал имеется)
  • SONIDOS PARA VIAJAR Me acaban de regalar un aparato con el spotify para mi tractor (amarillo). Ya puedo cosechar, arar, plantar y correr por la tierra escuchando a toda hostia la lista que me he preparado y así estar siempre alegre y ufano.
  • I've always hated this tag. Musically, there's nothing similar between the Grateful Dead and KISS.
  • Listen to it, and lets make the ultimate playlist together!! ->
  • 144 DISCOS COJONUDOS December 21, 2014 144 discos esenciales de la música popular (rock, blues, jazz, pop, reggae…). El criterio seguido es completamente subjetivo y si crees que falta alguno me lo dices. Si pones la lista en modo aleatorio hace las funciones de radio.
  • Fleetwood Mac Headliner beim Isle of Wight Festival 2015:
  • I love that progressive rock is a related tag...thank you for advancing rock and spawning metal music, '70s!
  • Such a senseless, meaningless tag.. It's completely based on context that does nothing to describe the music at all.
  • "poser mainstream rock" shit things that I read in this website [2]
  • below that woman was ignorant enough to put that LOL
  • "poser mainstream rock" shit things that I read in this website
  • That's another way of putting it. Genres suck!
  • Umm. No, it's a radio format that describes, at best, rock music that was popular an arbitrary amount of time ago. It's not a genre at all and it never was. It's pretty much fucking meaningless.
  • Rock in a time before everything HAD to have a specific genre.
  • Best music genre ever invented.
  • yeah, you tell 'em man
  • poser mainstream rock Lol
  • cool
  • Hi dad
  • I am 13 and I enjoy real music like the doors and the Beatles.
  • There's plenty of good stuff here, but 00s was still the best decade for music.
  • plaschik that's funny because every single artist of your 'most listened to' is only a product of the influence of classic rockers, a revisionaire of material already done by those you feel proud of avoiding.
  • omg am i wierd bc i like led zep and black sabath instead of teeny booper shit
  • fucking dadrockers.
  • lmfao @ all these stupid music snobs who think they are better lol
  • I agree; Tag should be changed to "real music."
  • im 12 and i listen to pink floyd.....i like real music not that modern rap bullshit people of my age listen to.....thumps up if u do too
  • classic rock turned me into a psychopathic killer.
  • im only 14 yers old and I only listen of clascic rock. i were born in wrong geniration... musics of today are of suck. only jsutin biber and rihana and other comercail crap muscic...
  • Might as well put Death Metal and Glam Metal in the same term if people are going to do this.
  • it's not a genre stop fucking talking about it
  • I don't consider "classic rock" a legitimate genre, it's more of a vague umbrella term.
  • What a ridiculous tag. It's something used to sell radios, not an actual genre, and people slap it onto everything from King Crimson to Aerosmith to Ritchie Valens. [2]
  • Bonkers ukulele cover of Van Halens Jump:
  • Classic rock... Stones... NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOPE.mkv
  • not sure which I hate the most from Classic Rock or Indie
  • Meu estilo musical ^^,


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