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  • you forgot to add them hindi mytos to the formula
  • This is not more contradictory than satanic black metal. Black Metal ideology has always been highly contradictory, on the one hand you had the idea of individual freedom against Christianity/religion and on the other hand all the "devote your life to Satan" stuff or the realm of nordic-pagan mythology which is essentially religion and not more unfree than Christianity. Then all the black metallers love Tolkien and Lord of the Rings, despite Tolkien being a devout catholic and LotR a profoundly christian tale.
  • |m| OO |m|
  • YES ahahahahaha
  • Christian Black Metal is an oxymoron. The whole purpose of the genre was to be a polar opposite of what religion stands for.
  • Honestly this is a contradiction. It is like saying Satanic Christian music.
  • Avril Lavigne is always in underground metal and rock genres ?
  • funny
  • fuck this stupid genre

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