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  • Now known as witch house
  • for an alternative label to this subgenre, see lovestep
  • Every time I see this tag I cringe.
  • Is this Chillstep music? I need news songs for mi iphone!
  • Is this chillstep?
  • More tracks on my new Youtube Channel : Enjoy and subscribe ;) Music is...YourThirdLung
  • Future garage is more like liquid DnB and not like Chillstep There are for sure similarities but.....few and far between
  • Need more artists
  • tags are the best - creativity is worth a try - ignore trolls
  • gtfo you stupid idiots with your idiotic tags.
  • Chillstep... lol.
  • back to youtube
  • very good description!
  • You guys need to chill the fuck out and stop all this hate. If you don't like it or don't believe that chillstep is it's own genre and or tag then don't fucking listen to it.
  • that description is so pretentious fuck you all
  • >having a prejudice towards an entire genre of music
  • I fully understand why we call this chillstep and love it - it has revived a whole love of a particular end of music, I am making my own and putting up mixes in various places
  • Chillstep...Ouuueeee....
  • Please just call this dubstep.
  • substyles
  • Chillstep channel with beautiful tunes :)
  • You can't see my face while I'm reading this genre's description, but trust me, I'm laughing.
  • Chillstep room on Soundrop Feel free to join :)
  • [artist]CMA[/artist] and [artist]SizzleBird[/artist] are the best chillstep artists! :D
  • CMA
  • Mt Eden and Blackmill - Best chillstep artists EVER
  • @ElectroPeter, @ridderbanaan - "Exile" is quite chill. Maybe that;s why sb tagged it as chillstep.
  • who the fuck tagged Modestep as chillstep!?
  • i like this stuff more than most dubstep [4]
  • Checkout my free chillstep mixtape.
  • Blackmill разрулил этот тег
  • i like this stuff more than most dubstep [3]
  • Modestep??
  • as much as this isn't a "formal" genre (what is, really?), the music sounds like pure serenity :) In a really good way...
  • nice ;-)
  • V-A
    i like this stuff more than most dubstep [2]
  • stupid tag
  • chillstep= chilled dubstep,duh
  • fake tag D:
  • crazy! :D
  • This is Very Cool Music!!
  • "Chillstep is a nonsense" yeah, but it's better that people tag Fenech soler, for ex, chillstep than dubstep
  • Chillstep is the way to go.
  • Awkward since dubstep is supposed to be a chill genre in the first place :P
  • Chillstep is a nonsense
  • имеются ввиду смешивания двух направлений dubstep и Chillout
  • Чилстеп наверное имеется ввиду - разновидность дабстепа, например как ликвид фанк в драмэнэбэйс-е ;-)


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