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  • Avatar för DeathFexo
    ..Fucking scene kids. [5]
  • Avatar för HungLikeBuffalo
    dilinger esc plan fucking LOL
  • Avatar för Evilninja1337
    Swans, for me, is the absolute epitome of "brutal" music.
  • Avatar för nuorimaa
    Suicide Silence? Really?
  • Avatar för BrootalK1d
    The question is "What is br00tal"? The answer is "Br00tal = inhale pig squeals + fast tremolo picked death metal riffs + heavy breakdowns". That, my friends, is br00tal.
  • Avatar för Mechayoshi
    This just means "heavy" not always metal.
  • Avatar för unearthlyritual
    ..Fucking scene kids. [4]
  • Avatar för METALisFAGGOT
    What the fuck? Exodus?? Is this a joke? They're alright and all but they definately ain't brutal... and I don't even know who these Obscura fellows are; never even heard of them.
  • Avatar för Oates_Moustache
    Should be spelt with an ümlaut.
  • Avatar för Beojiko
    You hate hip hop because you only listen to brutal shit

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