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  • what
  • what a wanky description [2]
  • BTW, it's not a "phenomena" if it's just a few people trying to force a genre to exist. [1]
  • http://dirtypharmeceuticals.bandcamp.com/
  • its an echo you fool trashketchup hejteru...
  • BTW, it's not a "phenomena" if it's just a few people trying to force a genre to exist.
  • this is fucking stupid. forced tag.
  • ʄ≜uxmuℭica - THE NEW M◭50N5 EP 7 tracks [35:42] http://www.mediafire.com/?29x1tcvqvfwddju
  • http://shisa.bandcamp.com //new ep//
  • and the broken aspect is more analogue and less digital than glitch, much more askew to gazed and skewed. possible reference even to [tag]drag[/tag] structure, only a different mutation on the hook; if you understand popular music structure.
  • clash very different than hop. it would be like comparing kitten castles to corner chris & cosey. it will never happen, only in [tag]broken-clash[/tag], maybe you just aren't young enough yet.
  • [url=http://www.last.fm/label/††+escape+sirius+cybernetics+corporation+††]†† escape sirius cybernetics corporation ††[/url] releases via http://escc9.tumblr.com
  • ^_^
  • [tag]dark disco[/tag]
  • [url=http://www.youtube.com/user/yourbazergo777#p/c/7A1FD346095EA2D0]ʡ†ʄ†ʢ[/url] (click to play)
  • [tag]witch chill[/tag], [tag]chill witch[/tag], [tag]broken-clash[/tag], [tag]zombie rave[/tag], [tag]in the witch house family[/tag], [tag]in the chillwave family[/tag], [tag]anti-witch house[/tag]
  • http://www.last.fm/music/Have+Two/Early+Works+and+Demos
  • Ẅ̛͎̹̮̱̱͇̗́͒̃͋̓̚͘͝ͅi̵̼͙͔͔̣̎̎̓ͤ̈͛͐͞͡ţ̴͙͍̣͍̎̄ͧ̿č̗͉̬ͧh [artist]fauxmusica[/artist] Ẅ̛͎̹̮̱̱͇̗́͒̃͋̓̚͘͝ͅi̵̼͙͔͔̣̎̎̓ͤ̈͛͐͞͡ţ̴͙͍̣͍̎̄ͧ̿č̗͉̬ͧh ▲ 2010 DISCOGRAPHY ▼ ‡‡‡ http://escc9.faux-real.org/FM_TORRENT.torrent ‡‡‡
  • If you know what electroclash is than it is not wanky.
  • what a wanky description

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