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  • Avatar för willrivmixx
    Embrace fans - There’s an interview with Danny McNamara at: http://www.rivmixx.com/core/featureslistingsdetails/id/1048 Anyone checked it out?
  • Avatar för roxorboxor
    Hi there :) If you like britpop, you might like St. Petersburg band called Loop Tape http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Loop+Tape?autostart It would be so cool if you could tell us what you think .
  • Avatar för Jazmil51
  • Avatar för KissMas
  • Avatar för revolution_II
    love d brit accented pop rock scene!! is thr any brit nu metal? i'd love to check it out! like brit-korn or brit-limp bizkit!!
  • Avatar för Violet_BooM
    i love it ^^
  • Avatar för gakko
    Darles Chickens is britpop with a twist...
  • Avatar för GammaBomb
    Not really - Britpop being essentially popular British rock between '92-'98 ish, Placebo fall into that (or at least their origins were found in the scene- their first few singles were widely available on Britpop compilations of the time). Coldplay and Keane are both far too late to be considered Britpop. It's much more a cultural term related to the time as it as a musical genre label.
  • Avatar för defiance67
    Wait what of course Coldplay and Keane are Britpop.....Placebo is def not though
  • Avatar för Wicepremier
    The Verve nie grali britpopu.
  • Avatar för damianosz
    ...good to be here and yeah I agree with ya...britpop makes the deal ^.^
  • Avatar för HatchetAxeNSaw
    BritPop is great music..... Brings back the feeling you're listening bands like the Beatles..... It's just great ..... there's a fresh touch in most of those songs.... LOVE IT.....!!!!
  • Avatar för prez2017
  • Avatar för Ann_Ti
    I love it!)))
  • Avatar för sevenof8
    Is CalPOP BritPOP-- that would be funny.. http://www.last.fm/music/CalPOP/_/Purple+Flowers?autostart
  • Avatar för corruptboy
    placebo britpop?)))) LOOOOL
  • Avatar för skalaso
    it would be nice if people actually knew what britpop was.
  • Avatar för iLiKEDECEMBERS
    i don't think the term "britrock" exists. it's just britpop, which is a rock genre despite its name.
  • Avatar för Chris_Simpson
    why have people tagged Keane, Coldplay, Placebo and Radiohead as Britpop. Radiohead are alt-rock at best and the rest are rock and pop respectively
  • Avatar för raydl
    The Verve
  • Avatar för volcom11111986
    britrock. britpop. blah blah. tell them the different between bp and br ;)
  • Avatar för VikkiDark
    Placebo - britpop.... Monkey boy.....
  • Avatar för LCsimon
    Coldplay, Keane, Placebo are not britpop.
  • Avatar för infectedmodes
    [group]We Love British Bands[/group].
  • Avatar för M4rOsH
    for all lovers of indie music and alternative rock http://www.last.fm/group/Indie+Owners
  • Avatar för my-dreams
    I love britpop)
  • Avatar för dionsm
    britpop never die!
  • Avatar för mysteriouzz
    I love britpop, I love Radiohead, but fuck man, Radiohead isn't britpop!
  • Avatar för valparaisoeninv
    best music ever made
  • Avatar för -jc-
    my 100 song Britpop mix for a mate - did i miss anything? http://www.last.fm/user/-jc-/journal
  • Avatar för kydvikarus
    fookin' mad fer it.
  • Avatar för The_SunBurn
    Britpop? Ok... What about britROCK?!?!?!?!
  • Avatar för sim0n20
    Vote for your favourite brit pop song at http://www.greatestsongsofall.com/
  • Avatar för BloOd520
    I love Brit Pop
  • Avatar för THEREALMATELL
    Thanks for my number One song on Indie-Music.com with Bastille Soul & This Is What's Been Goin' On .... Go check it out Damn it!!!! Love Matell
  • Avatar för st9ler
    Radiohead = Britpop? What The Fuck?
  • Avatar för breakedsilence
    this tag is perfect....I love it!!!!
  • Avatar för Rambo_88
    though you listen to great music, I'm ashamed of your tight vision...
  • Avatar för Charactarantu1a
    i'm ashamed of coming from a country from which music this awful also comes.
  • Avatar för HorgiPlazetner
    mb it's an earlier tag...they are definitely not pop)
  • Avatar för nyeguy
    How is Radiohead listed as Britpop?
  • Avatar för insomniacme
    How in the world did this happen ? ..
  • Avatar för HelterSkelter_
    Britpop =/= British Pop. GTFO. [3]
  • Avatar för whatginawants
    half these artists were not part of the britpop movement. wthh!
  • Avatar för apaajalah
  • Avatar för stereosonics
    This's Brit Pop. love it! Oasis rules
  • Avatar för kageru-hinoryu
    also - Similar to: tibetan chill • goths i like?
  • Avatar för kageru-hinoryu
    I lol'd at panQ's definiton of Britpop.
  • Avatar för Shaped
    This tag is fucked up.
  • Avatar för theworldxxx
    I'm looking for cool sound!what's cool in EURO?


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