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  • listening to now
  • To me British Invasion never ended. It lives with me, I love them.
  • They're amazing *-*
  • Britney Spears♥♥♥,Lady GaGa♥♥♥♥
  • A closed mouth catches no flies... hehehheheh
  • says Lady Gaga and Britney Spears fan. Bye
  • British Invasion sucks. Bye ;*
  • New "Backbeat - The Birth Of The Beatles Legend" merchandise available exclusively from: Available whilst stocks last.
  • Remember kids: hating on something makes you look cool.
  • british invasions are the best ones... trololololo
  • I just LOVE this invasion.
  • Oh!! I Feel Sad about you younger ones "NOWT" to shout about but we "WUZ" there!!! loads a love anyroad and be proud you are who "YOU" are!!!!! as your inreplaceable xxx
  • The Beatles. They're amazing.
  • Why gays? Explain yourself...
  • The Gays
  • Does someone have a british invasion playlist in spotify? Would you be kind enough to share it with me?
  • join the newly created group: [group]anyone who thinks beatles aren't the best band ever is wrong[/group]
  • We are the mods! (^^^
  • px1
    [url=]Corinne Bailey Rae - Like A Star[/url]
  • This makes a good radio station.
  • LOVE THE 60s!!! :D
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